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December 1997 Articles
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Hart Tournament: Ruben Douglas Is A Scoring Machine--(December 31, 1997)
Hart Tournament: Simi Wins Over San Fernando in Final--(December 31, 1997)
Daily Pilot Estancia Tournament: Estancia Wins--(December 31, 1997)
Katella Klassic Tournament: Katella Wins Final--(December 31, 1997)
Brea Olinda Tournament: Brea Olinda Wins Final--(December 31, 1997)
Century Tournament: Century Wins Final--(December 31, 1997)
Canyon Tournament: Canyon Wins Final--(December 31, 1997)
33rd Orange Holiday Classic: Santa Margarita Wins--(December 31, 1997)

San Diego Nike Tourney: Day Four from Pat McKinney--(December 30, 1997)
San Diego Nike Tourney: Day Three from Pat McKinney--(December 30, 1997)
Santa Paula Tournament: Morro Bay Wins Championship--(December 30, 1997)
La Salle Tournament: Monday's Semifinals--(December 30, 1997)
Birmingham Tourney: Monday's Semifinals--(December 30, 1997)
Best in the West: Jason Day--Artesia v. Poly--(December 30, 1997)
Reebok Vegas Prep Classic: All Tourney Team & MVP--(December 30, 1997)
La Salle Tourney: Tuesday's Schedule--(December 30, 1997)
S.B. Tourney: Monday's Third Day Results--(December 30, 1997)
S.B. Tourney: Limit--Four Games to a Customer--(December 30, 1997)

Hemet Mustang Shootout: El Segundo Lulls 'em to Victory--(December 29, 1997)
Birmingham Tourney: Saturday's First Round Results--(December 29, 1997)
USA Today Super 25: Week Two Rankings Regionally--(December 29, 1997)
USA Today Super 25: Week Two Rankings Nationally--(December 29, 1997)
Seahawk Classic Schedules: Another Reminder--(December 29, 1997)
Santa Barbara Tourney: Second Round Results--(December 29, 1997)
LA Times Calls it "Frantic Friday". We Call it "Insane Saturday"--(December 29, 1997)
Honolulu St. Louis Tourney: First and Second Rounds--(December 29, 1997)
Ventura Holiday Tournament: Westlake Wins--(December 29, 1997)
Orange Holiday Classic: You Wanted OC Stuff, You Got It.--(December 29, 1997)
Anaheim Canyon Tourney: Yet Another OC Tourney--(December 29, 1997)
Katella Klassic: Where is This One? Some Early Results--(December 29, 1997)
Santa Paula Tourney: Some Early Results--(December 29, 1997)
Vegas Prep Tourney: A First Round Score--(December 29, 1997)
San Diego Nike Tourney: A Few More Scores From Early Rounds--(December 29, 1997)
La Salle Tourney: Harvard-Westlake Loses to Pasadena Marshall--(December 29, 1997)
Eagle Rock Tourney: First Round Games--(December 29, 1997)
Hart Tourney: Simi Advances in Quarterfinals--(December 29, 1997)
SBarbara Tourney: First Round and One Second From Shantay--(December 29, 1997)
Century Holiday Tournament: First & Second Round Results--(December 29, 1997)
Bell-Jeff/La Canada/St. Francis Tourney: Pasadena Marshall Wins--(December 29, 1997)
Bell-Jeff Tournament: North Hollywood Takes Fifth--(December 29, 1997)
Bell-Jeff Tournament: Grant and Arenas Hammer the Host--(December 29, 1997)
Jeremiah Turner Out 'Til February--(December 29, 1997)
Matt Moore: Times Athlete of the Week--(December 29, 1997)
Slam Dunk to the Beach: Dominguez Loses to Dunbar--(December 29, 1997)
Best in the West: Monday Semifinal Game Schedules--(December 29, 1997)
Best in the West: Westchester Beats Perris--(December 29, 1997)
Best in the West: Long Beach Jordan Beats Compton--(December 29, 1997)

We're Baaaaack. . . The SS Titanic Miraculously Returns--(December 28, 1997)

San Diego's Nike Prep Holiday Classic: A Second Day Report--(December 27, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**

San Diego's Nike Prep Holiday Classic: A First Day Report--(December 26, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
Slam Dunk to the Beach Tourney Preview--(December 26, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**

San Diego's Top 10 Teams and Players to Watch--(December 25, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**

San Diego Nike Prep Holiday Classic: Who's Who and Where's Where--(December 23, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
Reebok Vegas Holiday Prep Classic: Fresno Washington Union Beats Simi--(December 23, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
Reebok Vegas Prep Classic: Jason Day's Third Day Report--(December 23, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
Reebok Vegas Prep Classic: Jason Day's Championship Game Report--(December 23, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**

Valencia Tournament Finals: San Fernando Loses to Compton Centennial--(December 22, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
Best In the West Preliminary Round Schedule--(December 22, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
Reebok Vegas Prep Classic: Jason Day's Second Day Report--(December 22, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
21st Reebok Las Vegas Holiday Classic: A Note on a Dropout--(December 22, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**
21st Reebok Las Vegas Prep Holiday Classic: Games 24-Games 34--(December 22, 1997)
**Note: Uploaded December 28**

Buenos Dias From Cabo: Limited Reporting This Coming Week-- (December 21, 1997)
Breaking News: Six John Muir Players In Car Accident--(December 21,1997)
Santa Clara's Coach Lou Cvijanovich: A Profile--(December 21,1997)

21st Annual Reebok Las Vegas Prep Classic: More 1st Day Scores--(December 20, 1997)
21st Annual Reebok Las Vegas Prep Classic: First Day Scores--(December 20, 1997)
21st Reebok Las Vegas Classic: H-W Loses to Long Branch--(December 20, 1997)

21st Annual Reebok Las Vegas Prep Classic: Some Random Notes--(December 19, 1997)
21st Annual Reebok Las Vegas Prep Classic: Mt. Zion First Day--(December 19, 1997)
Valencia Tournament Update: San Fernando Advances--(December 19,1997)
Exhibition Doubleheader: Game Two--LB Poly v. Serra.--(December 19,1997)
Tourneys, Tourneys, Tourneys. . . They Never Seem to Stop.--(December 19,1997)

Bell-Jeff Tournament Update: Wednesday's Games-- (December 18,1997)
Chaminade Tournament Update: Semifinal Games Played Wednesday--(December 18,1997)
Valencia Tournament Update: Wednesday's Games--(December 18,1997)
Jason Day: Showtime at the Goldmine--Artesia Beats Up LB Wilson--(December 18,1997)
Game Preview: UCLA v. Northern Arizona Tonight At Pauley--(December 18,1997)
21st Annual Reebok Holiday Prep Classic: Press Release--(December 18,1997)
Beverly Hills All Tournament Team--(December 18,1997)

Chaminade Tournament: Wednesday Schedule--(December 17,1997)
Pooh Richardson Stealth: Verbum Dei Beats Washington--(December 17,1997)
Sondheimer's Take On Harvard-Westlake's Russell Lakey--(December 17,1997)
Bell-Jeff Tournament Update: Bell-Jeff Beats Eagle Rock--(December 17,1997)
Valencia Tournament Update: Third Day Schedules--(December 17,1997)
Valencia Tournament Update: Montclair Wins In First Round--(December 17,1997)

Pooh Richardson Stealth: Westchester vs. Morningside--(December 16,1997)
Get Ready For the Pooh Richardson Stealth Tourney Reports--(December 16,1997)
Chaminade Tournament Update: First Round--(December 16,1997)
24th Annual Father Barry Christmas Tourney: U.S.D.H.S. Wins--(December 16,1997)
Valencia Tournament Update: Ventura Beats Littlerock--(December 16,1997)
UCSB Players Revolt, Boycott Practice--(December 16,1997)
Van Nuys Tournament Announcement--(December 16,1997)
Eagle Rock Tournament Announcement--(December 16,1997)
Venice High Player Update: Glen McGowan--(December 16,1997)
Bell-Jeff Tournament: Scheduling Update--(December 16,1997)
Bell-Jeff Tournament: First Day (Partially)--(December 16,1997)
Valencia Tournament Schedules: Tuesday--(December 16,1997)
Valencia Tournament Update: Crespi Wins--(December 16,1997)

Tournament Report: Fullerton Tribe Classic--(December 15, 1997)
USA Today's Super 25 California Basketball Players--(December 15, 1997)
USA Today's Super 25 Boys Basketball Players--(December 15, 1997)
Tournament of Champions: All-Tournament Team Addendum--(December 15, 1997)
Century Shootout Tournament: Century Wins--(December 15, 1997)
Tournament of Champions MVP and All-Tourney Team.--(December 15, 1997)
Third Annual Vegas Prep Championship 26th - 30th of Dec.--(December 15, 1997)
21st Annual Reebok Holiday Prep Classic Set for 19th - 23rd of Dec.--(December 15, 1997)
Valencia Christmas Tournament Starts Today--(December 15,1997)
Bell-Jeff Christmas Tournament Starts Today--(December 15,1997)
Chaminade Christmas Classic Starts Today--(December 15,1997)

Tournament Of Champions: Compton Wins; Moore MVP--(December 14,1997)
Laguna Blanca Tournament: Campbell Hall Wins--(December 14,1997)
Beverly Hills Tournament: Agoura Beats Venice For Third Place--(December 14,1997)
Beverly Hills Tournament: Cleveland Wins Championship--(December 14,1997)
Arroyo Tournament: Monrovia Beats Arroyo--(December 14,1997)
Arroyo Tournament: All Tourney Team and MVP Selections--(December 14,1997)
Arroyo Tournament: Bell-Jeff Loses to Mid City--(December 14,1997)
Pasadena Poly Tournament: All Tournament Team--(December 14,1997)
Pasadena Poly Tournament: Blair Wins Championship--(December 14,1997)
KMOX-Coca Cola Shootout In St. Louis, Missouri--(December 14,1997)
Tournament of Champions: Compton Beats Ocean View--(December 14,1997)

Beverly Hills Tourney: Cleveland v. Agoura--(December 13,1997)
Scoring, Scoring, Scoring: Is TCU For Real?--(December 13,1997)
College Game Preview: UCLA v. Fullerton--(December 13,1997)
Thousand Oaks Tourney: H-W Wins Championship From Dos Pueblos--(December 13,1997)
Thousand Oaks Tourney: Grant v. Newbury Park--(December 13,1997)
Thousand Oaks Tourney Update: All Tournament Team and MVP Awards--(December 13,1997)
Beverly Hills Update: Hami Loses Again, This Time To Birmingham--(December 13,1997)
Arroyo Tournament Update: Bell-Jeff & San Gabriel Advance--(December 13,1997)

Beverly Hills Tourney Update: Hamilton v. Agoura From A Reader--(December 12,1997)
Tournament of Champions Update: Redondo & Compton Win--(December 12,1997)
LA Times: What Happened to Roundball?--(December 12,1997)
Thousand Oaks Tourney: H-W Beats Grant--(December 12,1997)
Sonora Game Notes: Berokoff Rips It Up--(December 12,1997)
Irvine World News Tournament Next Week--(December 12,1997)

Westlake High Tourney: Update #3--(December 11,1997)
Thousand Oaks Tourney: Newbury Park Beats Aussies--(December 11,1997)
Beverly Hills Tourney: Agoura Beats Hami and Felix Lang--(December 11,1997)
Channel Islands Tourney: Home Team Advances--(December 11,1997)
El Segundo Tourney: Montclair Wins Consolation--(December 11,1997)
Valley College Sets Some Records for Threes--(December 11,1997)
Tournament Update: Tournament of Champions #2--(December 11,1997)

40th Annual Arroyo Tournament Update: Bell-Jeff Beats Arcadia--(December 10,1997)
High School Games: Even Fred Roggin's Getting Into the Act--(December 10,1997)
T.O. Tournament Update: Harvard-Westlake v. Oak Park--(December 10,1997)
40th Annual Arroyo Invitational Basketball Tournament --(December 10,1997)
Jason Day: The 1997 Iolani Prep Classic--(December 10,1997)
And the Dubious Achievement Award Goes To: La Sierra College Women--(December 3,1997)
Valencia Guard Jason Richardson Suspended for Four Games --(December 10,1997)
Bretheren Christian Tourney: Pacific Hills Beats St. Anthony for Title--(December 10,1997)
T.O. Tournament Update: Grant v. T.O Correct Stats--(December 10,1997)
Beverly Hills Tourney Update: Birmingham beats Buena--(December 10,1997)
Beverly Hills Tourney Update: Cleveland Wins in Forfeit--(December 10,1997)
Beverly Hills Tourney Update: Agoura Beats Canoga Park --(December 10,1997)

T.O. Tournament Update: Dos Pueblos Beats Newbury Park--(December 9,1997)
T.O. Tournament Update: Grant Beats Thousand Oaks--(December 9,1997)
More Arroyo First Night News From Pasadena--(December 9,1997)
Big Surprise!!! UCLA Fully Reinstates Johnson--(December 9,1997)
Lake Tahoe: A Reply to the Tribune on Dominguez' Win--(December 9, 1997)
Tournament Update: Tournament of Champions--(December 9, 1997)
Tournament Update: Beverly HillsTourney Schedules--(December 9, 1997)
Tournament News: Yet Another Daily Pilot Tourney--(December 9,1997)
Tournament Update: Beverly Hills Tourney First Night--(December 9,1997)
Tournament Update: Arroyo Tourney First Night--(December 9,1997)
Tournament Update: El Segundo Tourney Really Updated--(December 9,1997)
Tournament Update: T.O. First Night Really Updated--(December 9,1997)
Tournament Update: El Segundo Unverified Rumors--(December 9,1997)
Tournament Update: Thousand Oaks First Night--(December 9,1997)

Tourney Announcement: 26th Annual Hart Holiday Classic--(December 8,1997)
More Making Up For Lost Time: CSUN v. Loyola Notes--(December 8, 1997)
Making Up For Lost Time: UCLA v. New Mexico Notes--(December 8, 1997)
Westlake Boys Basketball Tourney Today--(December 8, 1997)
26th Annual T.O. Rotary Invitational Starts Tonight--(December 8, 1997)
Pacific Shores Championship Scores--(December 8, 1997)
Beaumont Tournament: News Travels Slowly From the Desert--(December 8, 1997)
Crenshaw and Westchester Sweep in Philly--(December 8,1997)

Lompoc Tournament: St. Joseph Defeats Dos Pueblos for Title--(December 7,1997)
National Sports Grill Tourney: Santa Margarita Wins Title--(December 7,1997)
Brea Backyard Bash Tourney Won By Host Brea Olinda--(December 7,1997)
Nordhoff Tournament: Channel Islands Wins Championship--(December 7,1997)
13th Annual Simi Valley Tip-Off Classic: Simi Wins Over Chaminade for Title--(December 7,1997)
46th Annual Pacific Shores: Fairfax Wins Championship from Serra--(December 7,1997)
46th Annual Pacific Shores: Redondo Edges Mira Costa For Third--(December 7,1997)
Santa Barbara San Marcos Wins SLO Championship--(December 7,1997)
Buena Coyote Classic: Magnolia Wins Championship--(December 7,1997)
San Fernando Wins Saugus Shootout--(December 7,1997)

Compton Dominguez Wins South Lake Tahoe Tourney; Prince MVP--(December 6,1997)
National Sports Grill Tourney: Santa Margarita Advances to Final--(December 6,1997)
Tahoe Tournament Update: Dominguez Beats Muir; Tyson May Be Injured--(December 6,1997)
Saugus Tourney Update: Finals Tonight--(December 6,1997)
Hoover-Burbank Tourney Finals: Hoover Wins--(December 6,1997)
Chaminade Hammers Camarillo, Advance to Simi Tonight--(December 6,1997)
Brandon Hawkins Scores 30. . . In the 4th Quarter in Philly--(December 6,1997)

Wooden Inaugural H.S. Invitational: A Talk With Wooden & Wooten--(December 5,1997)
Wooden Inaugural H.S. Invitational: De Matha v. Los Alamitos--(December 5,1997)
Wooden Inaugural H.S. Invitational:Mater Dei v. Crespi--(December 5,1997)
Wooden Inaugural H.S. Invitational: Glendora v. Ayala--(December 5,1997)
San Luis Obispo Tourney: Mater Dei is Coming--(December 5,1997)
Lompoc Tourney: Shantay Legans Hits for 21 --(December 5,1997)
St. Monica Classic Semi-Finals Set--(December 5,1997)
Fairfax's Joe Shipp Out For A Month With Broken Bone--(December 5,1997)
Simi Valley Tourney: Santa Paula Beats Chatsworth--(December 5,1997)
When Is 30 Games Really Only 20? Here's the Answer.--(December 5,1997)
Saugus Tourney: San Fernando Beats Canyon in Quarter-Finals--(December 5,1997)
A Whole Bunch of Tournament Results--(December 5,1997)
Dominguez Beats Leuzinger at South Lake Tahoe Tourney--(December 5,1997)
Gahr-Cerritos Tourney Results: Championship Quarter Finals--(December 5,1997)
Pacific Shores Semi Results, Finals Set--(December 5,1997)

USA Today's Super 25--(December 4,1997)
Simi Valley Tournament: Second Night--(December 4,1997)
Wooden High School Inivitational Classic--(December 4,1997)
High School Preview: Sunset League Los Alamitos--(December 4,1997)
High School Preview: South Coast League Mater Dei--(December 4,1997)

High School Preview: Baseline League Glendora High--(December 3,1997)
Reebok Compton Tip Off--Dominguez v. Perris--(December 3,1997)
High School Preview: Moore League Compton High--(December 3,1997)
High School Preview: Sunset League Esperanza--(December 3,1997)
High School Preview: Olympic League Calvary Chapel --(December 3,1997)
Bolsa Grande Tournament: First Night--(December 3,1997)
Pasadena Beats Cleveland by One Point--(December 3,1997)
Simi Valley Tournament: First Night--(December 3,1997)
Buckley Defeats Westmark--(December 3,1997)
USC Loses to UNLV--(December 3,1997)

Orange County Register's Preseason Top 10 Teams--(December 2,1997)
Ocean View Tournament of Champions--(December 2, 1997)
Byron Chambers to Palmdale High--(December 2,1997)
Where the Deer and the Antelope Play--(December 2,1997)
Westlake Player Out Until Mid-January--(December 2,1997)
LA Times Preseason Rankings S.F Valley Teams--(December 2,1997)
Chatsworth Beats North Hollywood--(December 2,1997)
USC vs. UNLV at the Sports Arena Tonight--(December 2,1997)
Jelani McCoy Partially Reinstated--(December 2,1997)
High School Preview: Simi Valley--(December 2, 1997)

High School Preview: Compton Dominguez High--(December 1, 1997)
Tourney Update: San Luis Obispo Tournament--(December 1, 1997)
Tourney Update: Multiple Orange County Tournaments--(December 1, 1997)
Way Too Much Basketball: Compton Tip-Off Classic--(December 1,1997)
High School Preview: Santa Barbara High School--(December 1, 1997)
Junior College Player Opportunity--(December 1, 1997)

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