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May 1998 Articles

6th Annual Summer All-Star Classic Set For June 28--(May 31, 1998)
Jon Keller Named Varsity Coach At San Gabriel High--(May 31, 1998)
So Who Is Darryl McDonald? We're Not Sure, But He's Been Around--(May 31, 1998)
Jason Tubbs To Leave San Fernando, Also Follows Darryl McDonald To Alemany--(May 31, 1998)
Devin Montgomery To Transfer From San Fernando To Alemany--(May 31, 1998)

Recent CSUN News: Lots Of Comings And Goings--(May 29, 1998)
Antelope Valley Antelopes Pick New Coach--(May 29, 1998)
Youth Hoop Summer League Looking For Coaches--(May 29, 1998)
"Days Of Our Lives" Charity Hoops Event--(May 29, 1998)
EBO, Reebok/Gibbons & High Five Recaps--(May 29, 1998)

Nothing Happened Today. Really. Nothing.--(May 28, 1998)

Brick Oettinger's Take On SoCal: The Reebok/Gibbons TOC--(May 27, 1998)
Mashia Cleared To Play For USC--(May 27, 1998)
Brunner: Charged With Attempted Murder of Mike Miller--(May 27, 1998)
Michelle Greco Selected to U.S. Women's National Team--(May 27, 1998)
Lancaster Eagles Hire New Coach--(May 27, 1998)
Pepperdine Will Attend Tourney In Hawaii This Winter--(May 27, 1998)

Pretty WACky: Less Is More As WAC Agrees To Split Up--(May 26, 1998)
Reebok/Bob Gibbons Tournament Of Champions: First Day--(May 26, 1998)
Casey Jacobsen A Top 5 At Reebok/Bob Gibbons TOC--(May 26, 1998)
The Reebok/Bob Gibbons TOC: The Great Rockfish Debate--(May 26, 1998)
Byron Scott Leads Greek Team To National Title; Riot Breaks Out--(May 26, 1998)

Kenny Brunner Jumps In The Bowl. . . And Flushes--(May 25, 1998)

Chris Owens Visits UCLA--(May 22, 1998)
Rico Cabrera Signs With Colgate--(May 22, 1998)
ARC At YBOA Tournament This Weekend--(May 22, 1998)
Rockfish & Belmont Shore At Bob Gibbons North Carolina Tourney--(May 22, 1998)
Some Missing Information: SoCal Slam N' Jam Tournament Finals--(May 22, 1998)

Doug Wrenn Announces He'll Attend Prep School, Not UDub--(May 20, 1998)
Oregon Assistant Moves to Arizona; Replaces San Jose State Head Coach--(May 20, 1998)
David Jackson Transfers From Utah to Oregon--(May 20, 1998)

Things Are Movin' and Shakin At URI: Farmer Is Gone. . . Who's Next?--(May 19, 1998)
Earl "The Goat" Manigualt Is Dead At 53--(May 19, 1998)
Comings & Goings: LB St. Finally Makes An Announcement--(May 19, 1998)
Oui, Oui: SD State Signs Two More--(May 19, 1998)
Big Time Correction: Oxy Signs Signs 8, Not 10--(May 19, 1998)
Rim Rattler All*West Camp July 11-13--(May 19, 1998)
4th Annual Belmont Shore Basketball Club Boys' Camp--(May 19, 1998)
Vandy Gets A Playmate For Deandre Moore--(May 19, 1998)
Corey Hightower Will Attend JC--(May 19, 1998)

USF Concludes Recruiting With Signing of Bryan Stephens--(May 18, 1998)
Make That Ten: Oxy Adds Four More To Spring Signing List--(May 18, 1998)
Chris Herren Withdraws His Name From NBA Draft; FSU Signs Two--(May 18, 1998)
Perkins Signs With Cal State Dominguez Hills-- (May 18, 1998)
Longtime AAU Coach Named Head Coach At Alemany--(May 18, 1998)
Solario Signs With Azusa Pacific--(May 18, 1998)
Santa Margarita Fights Re-Leaguing At State CIF Level--(May 18, 1998)
Ocean View Coach Takes Over Girls' Program At Mater Dei--(May 18, 1998)
Cal State Fullerton Assistant Coach Resigns--(May 18, 1998)
Calvin Byrd Named Assistant Basketball Coach At UC Irvine--(May 18, 1998)
Long Beach State Names Clyde Vaughn As Associate Head Coach--(May 18, 1998)
One More Bulldog Signing From Orange Coast College--(May 18, 1998)

Coincidence? We Think Not: J.R. Henderson In Houston--(May 15, 1998)
SoCalHoops Is In Houston Doing Some Really Super-Secret Stuff--(May 15, 1998)

Long Beach Middle School Hoops: Any Future Stars?--(May 13, 1998)
Is It Too Early To Plan For Next February? Nike Extravaganza IV--(May 13, 1998)
Mater Dei & Mater Dei Nike Tournaments June 18-20 & 24-27--(May 13, 1998)
More Comings & Goings In LA Girls' Hoops: Flot In, Quinn Out--(May 13, 1998)
Oxnard Signs Two Southern Gentlemen--(May 13, 1998)
Occidental Continues With More Spring Signings--(May 13, 1998)

The LOI Has Finally Arrived: Cal Signs Donte Smith--(May 12, 1998)
Slam Magazine's 97-98 High School All-Americans--(May 12, 1998)
Pierre Elize of Valley College Signs with Northern Colorado--(May 12, 1998)
San Diego Basketball Classic Seeking Teams Early--(May 12, 1998)
Fresno Bulldog Signings For Men's AND Women's Teams--(May 12, 1998)
Miscellaneous Girls' Hoops News--(May 12, 1998)
University of San Diego Signs Two For Next Year--(May 12, 1998)
Pete Newell "Big Man" Camp August 17-22 At University Of Hawaii--(May 12, 1998)
Artesia's "Best In the West Summer Shootout"--(May 12, 1998)
Slam-N-Jam Spring Development League Playoffs Continue--(May 12, 1998)
Lamar Odom: More Silly Questions About College Eligibility--(May 12, 1998)

Carloes Harper Leaving CSUN for D-II or NAIA--(May 11,1998)
Harrington Goes Pro; Richardson "Fame" Continues--(May 11,1998)

Now This Is Different. Really Different. Another Perspective On The Game--(May 9,1998)

UCLA's Recruiting Class: We Get Letters...Man, Do We Get Letters--(May 8, 1998)
It's Official: Cal Signs Solomon Hughes; Waiting on Donte Smith--(May 8, 1998)
USA Basketball Announces Men's National Team Trials Invitees--(May 8, 1998)
Bland, Prince, Young, Kapono: USA Junior Worlds Team Invitees--(May 8, 1998)

Harrick Is Not Coming To The Clippers. . . Yeah, Right.--(May 7,1998)
Former Pasadena Player Scott Signs With Idaho Vandals--(May 7,1998)
Montana State Signs A Big One Too--(May 7, 1998)
Eastern Washington Signs A Big One--(May 7, 1998)
It's Official: Narbonne Girls Forfeit City Title; State Title In Jeopardy--(May 7,1998)
Counter-Point: Another View Of "He Got Game"--(May 7,1998)

Is This A WACky Idea Or What? WAC Considers New Alignment--(May 6,1998)
Plan Ahead Now: December 5, 1998 The John R. Wooden Classic--(May 6, 1998)
Sixth Annual Summer All-Star Classic Doubleheader--(May 6, 1998)
UCLA's Recruiting Class: Is It Really No. 1 This Year?--(May 6,1998)

Shelton Diggs and Chris Stevens Sign At Western Washington U--(May 5, 1998)
June 6, 1998: Orange County Roundball Extravaganza--(May 5, 1998)
"He Got Game": Some Random Thoughts, Spike Ruminations & A Ton Of Reviews--(May 5,1998)
Rockfish Report: Don't Believe Everything You Read From Indiana--(May 5,1998)
Dan Gadzuric Signs With UCLA? Everybody Says It's True.--(May 5,1998)

First Day Results: Spiece Run N' Slam Classic From Indianapolis: Rockfish Wins--(May 3,1998)
Spiece 1998 Run N' Slam-All Star Classic Featuring Rockfish--(May 3,1998)

NCAA Reconsiders: Titan's Cunningham Granted More Eligibility--(May 2,1998)
Last Bulldog Stuff: Italian Andrea Bona Will Sign With Fresno State--(May 2,1998)
Fresno Hot For Some JC Transfers. . . Maybe; But They're Hot For Tark--(May 2,1998)
Rafer Alston Will Not Join NBA Lottery; Wants To Stay At Fresno--(May 2,1998)
Assorted Signings From JC's & High Schools In & Around SoCal--(May 2,1998)

It's Official: Louisville Has Signed Caleb Gervin--(May 1, 1998)
Coach Levine Will Be Happy: City Section Limits Eligibility For Tranfers--(May 1, 1998)

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