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Posted by apolitical on January 28, 2021 at 08:00:35:

In Reply to: Re: Let them play posted by The Real Reason on January 27, 2021 at 12:39:52:

: : : : : : : : : : : : :Governor Newsome won't listen . What's wrong with him ? Good Sports rally yesterday.

: : : : : : : : : : : I agree with you and have been optimistic. So many states are playing high school, junior college and college sports (including CA) But the teachers union is so strong and gives so much money to Newsom and the Dems that I'm convinced now there will be no basketball season. It's a shame the adults have to ruin it for the kids.

: : : : : : : : : : : Teachers Unions don't care about Sports !

: : : : : : : : : Lets look at it from a teachers perspective(specially the older teachers without young kids)- no real expectations, no way to be evaluated, work 1/2 of the day, no commute, freedom to do other things during the work day, claim you aren't good at technology and get a pass for poor effort.......oh and get PAID THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT. Why would they ever want to go back. Find a way with all the money given to districts to create a bonus for on campus teachers and watch how many would come back. No reason to come back, the only ones that want to come back are the coaches because we have a deeper relationship and feeling of responsibility to our players than a teacher does to a student. We spend more time with our players than our own kids so it has nothing to do with money, its our family. My rant is over.

: : : : : : : : Great rant! Better yet, tell the teachers come back to the classroom or NO pay and see how quickly they come back. Of course it would never happen because the teachers are so "worried" about getting sick. And I'm sure they are not going to the grocery store, Target, Costco, etc

: : : : : : : Teachers would see further cutbacks if already-strained school budgets were used towards sports right now. Sales tax measures won't produce as much revenue as expected to maintain school budgets, because of Covid. Can't have fans because of Covid. Fundraising is also harder.

: : : : : : : Club ball fellas...

: : : : : : No cut backs, the districts just got a bunch of money from the feds and the state that they are sitting on because they don't want to use it to covid proof the school in hopes everything returns to normal next school year. The high performing kids are still performing, sped kids are being offered on campus learning to cover the districts legal bases, the middle of the road kid is the one who is getting the raw end of the deal. Sales tax may be down but I'm pretty sure housing prices and property taxes have gone up. A majority of schools budgets comes from property tax, state grants and Fed money not sales tax.

: : : : : All that is true, but public schools will not operate sports at a loss with no chance of breaking even, and there won't be enough fans to do that. That federal money isn't granted to host sporting events.

: : : : The athletic budget was already passed for 2020-21. Coaches in some districts are getting stipends still even though there hasn't been a season. The only cost would be officials, transportation doesn't have to be provided because there is no in person school. I'm sure the parents would pay a fee(although against ed code) to get their kids out of the house. They already pay for travel ball. There are many school districts that don't break even from sports, mainly in the poorer districts because kids/fans don't come to games because they can't afford it. Sell streaming subscriptions and you will be good at the OC schools etc.

: : : __________________________________________________

: : : If you're proposing having parents pitch in, while driving their kids to games only to pick them up two hours later, why not just let league members band together at one school/gym somewhere and play a bunch of games at once? Seems like a larger investment to play one game in one gym, per night, per level. In LA, some leagues are not aligned simply based on geography, parents driving to Westchester will have nowhere to go. Maybe drive over to St. Bernard and wait in a nicer parking lot.

: : : With the travel ball model, HS teams could play 3 or even 4 games in one day a couple times a week. Tournaments could be played on weekends, mixing teams from different leagues. Players can still represent their school, but without the school body present, there is no reason to play home and away games at the school. Even Senior Night is pointless if it has to be done via Zoom or Facetime.

: : : I understand that there are some districts that would not break even in a normal year, but if all were in the red at once, there would be budget problems passed on to the following years. And even those districts normally in the red would see their gate revenue drop to nothing. Some coaches may have been paid already, but some is fewer than most. Just because it's in the budget doesn't mean the money was paid out.

: : Teachers should all have the opportunity that be vaccinated and wait until itís fully affective before having to go back into the classroom. All students should be vaccinated before allowing any back into school

: Agree but you and I both know the teachers will drag their feet to get vaccinated. When whooping cough came out and everyone had to get a shot no one said anything about the tdap, you just got it and went about your business. This has been politicized, downplayed, overplayed for people trying to make a buck on social media. Everyone is an expert and their thoughts pop up on your news feed on your phone while you are stuck at home, you have nothing else to do but click it. Articles are written to both sides so that a banner ad can be at the top making money. Everyone is playing Dr. with random information that you have no idea if it is real or not, its the internet and you can say ANYTHING. There is always someone on this forum saying this is Santa Margaritas year to beat Mater Dei LOL.

We must reject all politicization of the vaccine and virus. Science and logic first.

Who actually makes money off this on social media? Ad revenues on news stories barely cover hosting fees, save for those stories where you have to click "next" 25 times (avoid those).

A good rule of thumb is, if the article you are reading contains a clickbait thumbnail or bleeding-heart story, the writer may have political motives. Articles showing overwhelmed ICUs, how Americans who normally would be saved by a hospital operating at normal capacity are now dying, are not politically motivated.

Here's one example of a factual story with no political slant:

Mortuaries in LA County have requested a waiver on the limit of daily cremations, AQ management normally sets a limit on those.

Numbers can be skewered to make this seem like a bad flu rather than a pandemic. Remember, influenza doesn't overrun hospitals and ICUs.

No vaccine is truly effective if the disease is in pandemic status, and that is why the spread must be contained in addition to inoculations. Otherwise, many vaccinated would still be vulnerable if exposed to a large amount of virus particles.

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