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Posted by national badminton association on August 30, 2020 at 08:44:00:

In Reply to: Re: NBA posted by NBA on August 28, 2020 at 17:09:38:

: : : : : The NBA Players are idiots for not playing today. They are a bunch of Punks

: : : : To many see a 5 second video and KNOW IT ALL. Agree with the original poster. LaBron has proven to be a knee-jerk-off person.

: : : : Many have and will continue to turn away from NBA, NFL and MLB. Some new leagues will form and make mandatory to respect the flag. People turn to sports to escape politics for a few hours....not to have sports be political. Why not make a statement at the microphone after the game? Why not wait for facts versus being a knee-jerk-off? Learn the facts and stop running off of emotions. Calm the F down everyone.

: : : Yes, we see the high potential of new professional leagues forming. The current leagues will start losing sponsors and move to the new leagues forming. It is coming.
: : BS

: Michael Jordan is the GOAT......LaBron James is a kid. Does a brain surgeon know how to design and execute a full court press? Does a NBA player know how to perform brain surgery? Stay in your lane. What did this so-called protest accomplish NBA? Absolutely nothing except more dropped ratings. You should of learned from the NFL, ratings dropped. So you simple mind understands. There are and will Always be more Patriotic Veterans than spoiled millionaires that opened the door for other opportunities. A new form of ABA is coming baby. Oh yeah!

The NFL and NBA appeal to mostly different demographics. The fan you're thinking of left the NBA decades ago. Though I'm sure this new basketball league would do great in places like Tuscaloosa, Sioux Falls, and Reno. Scooter Tucker could lead the Walla Walla WaMus against Duke Cooter and the Fargo Faygo. Sponsorships wouldn't be great at first...and the level of play would be somewhere between the German and British basketball leagues. You couldn't get billionaires to invest more than couch money in this.

Besides Durant/Curry/Thompson/Irving, the NBA really needs China back. That tweet cost the NBA more than anything. But if the NBA were forsaken by American nationalists, China would throw its support behind the NBA just to spite the Americans who boycotted it. Another problem is empty gyms and missing players are giving casual NBA fans fewer reasons to care.

Finally, how is it disrespectful to the flag when a Marine advised Kaepernick to use that gesture for protest? Keep complaining about kneeling and the next generation may start mooning and crotch-grabbing during the anthem.

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