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Posted by Golden Rule on July 18, 2020 at 12:11:27:

In Reply to: Re: AAU/Pangos/Camps etc - Please Shut it Down posted by Parent on July 16, 2020 at 11:53:59:

: : : : : : : To all AAU/Pangos/camp/showcase/open run organizers;

: : : : : : : It's not currently safe for our kids to congregate and play ball (spare me the nonsensical comparisons to cancer, car crashes etc).

: : : : : : : We do not know how Covid affects children and young adults. We do know that these kids can take the Virus home and harm others.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : : By organizing these events, you're saying either that you don't care, or that making money means more to you than these kids' or their family's health.

: : : : : : : If you proceed and anyone gets sick as a result of these events, that's on your head. And even if your prized recruit doesn't get sick, killing his grandma has got to be bad karma.

: : : : : : : Put the kids - and their families - first. Please shut down.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Is there some requirement to attend a youth tournament or exposure event? Your post makes it seem as if once there is an event available parents have no choice but to send their child? What doesnít seem right to me is individuals speaking on behalf of How other peopleís should exercise their rights.
: : : : : : Everyone should put their own family first and stop telling others what to do. Lead by example. Politicians suck on both sides of the aisle - they are the virus we need to extricate from our lives.

: : : : : I support people patronizing these events. I also support those same people quarantining themselves for two weeks afterwards. Otherwise these people risk infecting others.

: : : : : All cases are either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic. Some cases are impossible to discern for up to two weeks.

: : : : : Even though asymptomatic cases aren't spreading the disease, pre-symptomatic cases are most contagious right before the symptoms hit.

: : : : To quote the other two posters;
: : : : "What doesnít seem right to me is individuals speaking on behalf of how other peopleís should exercise their rights" and "stop telling others what to do"
: : : : Do you:
: : : : - obey the law?
: : : : - have a drivers licence?
: : : : - wear a seatbelt?
: : : : - drive on the right side of the road?
: : : : If you answer yes to these, you're already letting someone else tell you how to "exercise your rights". Question is - do you care enough for these kids (and their families) to protect them? Or do you put money ahead of their health?
: : : : Stop these camps/games/showcases until we have more information. It's an unnecessary risk. And let's face it - college coaches/scouts ain't coming. These events are just to make money for greedy men who do not put the kids first. So it's our job to protect them.

: : : I agree it is a risky proposition to run an event right now, but if it is legal, then it can be done. All four things in your example are decisions as to whether you follow the law or not. And letís face it - the college coaches arenít at 90% + of the club games, virus or not.

: : The virus doesn't know the law. It will spread wherever there are people congregating. All it takes is one person infected to spread it to others. The law (or compliance therewith) has little to do with doing the smart thing. Many places do not mandate wearing a mask. But you're a selfish asshole if you don't.

: The OCHD canceled all youth sports in OC. Where are they running this money maker?

Worry about yourself control what you can control. Stop trying to control and tell others what to do. Those that wnat to stay home do so. Those that want to go to school, do so. Just issue waivers and let's move forward. Bunch of freaking babies.

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