Re: Get your facts straight - kids lives ARE at risk

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Posted by too hype to pied pipe on July 11, 2020 at 01:35:17:

In Reply to: Re: Get your facts straight - kids lives ARE at risk posted by Dave Reville on July 10, 2020 at 17:09:53:

: : : : : : : This country's Covid problem is out of control. It's dangerous to congregate kids in a gym right now, and for the foreseeable future. I'm asking (begging) Dinos Trigonis and all the other organizers to cancel their camps/showcases until it's once again safe (probably next year). Yes, it's a big financial hit for these organizers, BUT THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR RISKING KIDS' HEALTH FOR SPORTS. None. And it's about the kids, right?
: : : : : : : And for anyone saying it's about getting kids exposure, let me ask - are the organizers doing it for free?
: : : : : : : Time to shut it all down is NOW.

: : : : : : Shut down the Corona tournament this weekend at Get IT done! AAU coaches are disgusting.

: : : : : I agree - shut it down before its too late. Money van be made again - lives that perish cannot.
: : : : The coach is such a pansy. What exactly are you a coach of anyways you joke? ppl acting like if kids play in these they are gonna die and everyone is going to die....its not a death sentence 99 percent of time you morons. they get it, go home, come back fine. Grow a pair you bunch of sheep!

: : : Maybe you should read a bit and learn some facts before shooting your mouth off, tough guy. 99% of people may not die, but many are left with serious medical issues which may last a lifetime. Simple fact is that we do not know where this pandemic is leading, and how dangerous it is for kids.
: : : Imagine if we proceed with camps/showcases etc amd kids get sick or, God forbid, die. IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK!!! We're the damn adults - let's put the kids' health interests first!

: : The reports show 1/4 of Covid-19 cases are in the USA. The media has been reporting fake news for years now. This virus is not a pandemic. Look what the definition is. Those that want to be lead by piped piper have at it. Flood of the end times is not of water, it is of LIES. This is a virus and has killed people. Kids.....this year kids under 18 have died 4 more times from common flu than Covid.......the liars and controlling you and again, go ahead. Let me leave with this question for all of you. HOW are you doing friend? How is your family doing? No God, No Peace. Know God, Know Peace!

: Come on man. God gave you a brain - use it. This is a pandemic and more than 130,00 Americans have already died. We don't understand this virus. Everyday it seems to reveal new and horrible twists.
: We have no therapies, vaccines or cures. This being true - whether you believe it or not - it is IMMORAL to risk children (even 7-foot children) to have a sports event. These camps and showcases should be cancelled until we have more answers.

Who is this "piped" piper? Does he bang a bent spoon on a lamppost rhythmically, signaling fix-seekers to follow him?

Seriously though, you do realize the US media doesn't have the global scientific community in its pocket, right? Europe is still banning US travelers, a decision that will cost them a lot of money. Doubt Don Lemon or Cuomo were consulted first.

One quarter of the deaths and cases are in the United States because we are third in tourism (behind France and Spain, both hit harder by COVID than USA when you factor in population). Also, we have more outbound tourists than any other nation, aside from China. These tourists leave the country more often than any nation's tourists besides Finland (population about 5,000,000).

Another problem is the anti-science revolution going on for decades in poor communities (see "Miracles" by ICP), and you see why America is #1 in more than just STDs.

In short, we are the largest country that mostly lets its civilian population do whatever it wants. No one should be surprised such an undisciplined people is spreading the virus faster than any other nation. USA has 330 million people, with 5 of every 6 living in urban areas.

Honestly, our government would be ok with millions of deaths as opposed to shutting down, no matter who was President, if our healthcare system could handle the strain. If the government allowed the hospitals to be completely overwhelmed, it would undermine their power.

If 5% of Covid cases are serious, and 20% of the country catches it by mid-winter, that's 3.3 million people in need of hospitalization. There are fewer than 1 million staffed beds available nationwide. (If a family member is pregnant and expecting between November and March, now's the time to study midwifery)

Once beds run out, only those with top-tier private insurance would be admitted. HMO? Better stay home. Those with pre-existing conditions will not be able to get help, as the triage will focus on those with the best chance of survival (combined with the proper insurance). This disproportionately affects the poor, who have more co-morbidities.

Even hospitals in low-income areas will prioritize patients from wealthy suburbs. Once the under-insured start dropping dead at home and in waiting rooms, there will be a complete breakdown of society and the supply chain, followed by a class war.

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