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Posted by daddyo on June 09, 2020 at 19:04:19:

In Reply to: Re: Best High School players you've ever seen in CA posted by CA hoop Junkie and Historian on June 09, 2020 at 16:09:21:

: : : : : : I am doing players I have seen in person only and mainly CA HS ballers irregardless of their future successes in CBB or NBA or HS was "it". (90's - NOW) but you can go back further if you'd like?.

: : : : : : Schea Cotton - Inspired me to take bball seriously in 4th grade after seeing him dominate at the Oak coliseum as a Soph for MD. Can't say Schea aka Manchild without Barron Davis I feel, but I've never seen Barron play in person in HS but shoot those youtube clips w these two playing in HS w burgess & the collins twins....cmon man! That aint fair! lol.

: : : : : : Other LA talents: The entire Westchester team from '02 (9 D1 players..havent seen that from a CA team since). Tyson Chandler of course was big (60mins) in 8/9th grade, Tayshaun Prince, Kenny Brunner, Tremaine Fowlks, Tommy Davis, Trevor Ariza, the big 3 USC guys that played for Chester (Granville, Bluenthal, Trepaingier), Craven Twins, Bobby Jones, Jamal Sampson, DJ Strawberry, Cedric Bozeman, Taylor King, Deangelo Collins (man my class..remember seeing him on top of full court press in 8th grade & he was already like 6'9 thinking what the..& he's picking pg's & it was LA lob city even better than LAC Paul to Griffen Era..& his socal all stars (SCA) team..can someone tell me who else were the studs off that team? Man they were crazy good & scary & one kid 6'6 maybe w long dreads jumped out the gym & almost broke a kids back dunking over him & getting called for a charge like he was doing a dunk comp off a long iron put back dunk crotch hits kid in back of neck a little, but I think the entire gym cleared in amazement it was like Vince's olympic dunk but in 8th grade? r u kidding?..we won aau norcal but was intimidated to play them & didn't end up playing them....Collins though had so much talent & potential as did a lot of guys from that 2002 class, but no one really made it big in L...this guy...I am not sure how he didn't at least get drafted to NBA...I guess cuz Amare Stoudimire kind of got him in Mccdys game & his questionable character led to NBA teams shying away I read but idk...since when? leon Smith got drafted soo... Evan Burns...awe...another class of 2002 guy that didn't accomplish no where near his potential. Cassius Stanley, Kj & Pippen Jr.

: : : : : : Deshawn Stevenson - May be the best & most dominating performance tied w Schea's championship performance. As Roy Williams called him his "most gifted recruit of all time" (it used to be on DS wiki) after chuckling over him behind where we were seated in the suite at old Arco Arena as Washingoton Union defeated Drew Gooden's El Cerrito squad. (2 future NBA players in one game...not bad) Of course DS never played for Roy & went HS to NBA route.

: : : : : : Aaron Gordon: Compared to J kidd's HS lore in the bay for his dominance & athleticism which we have seen get robbed now in two dunk competitions! lol. I think the old timers would say J Kidd got him faded & I'd agree but I am older then AG & when you get older HS players arent as magical as say a Schea Coton when you in 4th grade & these stars are bigger than life.

: : : : : : Others I am just gonna list that were nice/NM:

: : : : : : Sac: Matt Barnes was herald pretty hard growing up espec. actually as a WR but great 2 star athlete. Didn't see him hoop tho. Hard to think of the best Sac hooper I've seen one guy really jumps out honestly. Sac has had more talent of late & NBA guys w the bay area being so expensive.

: : : : : : Guess I'd put Demarcus Nelson although hes more of a Bay Vallejo guy but played his sr year at Sheldon HS in sac.
: : : : : : Walker (foothill sac) was nice back in mid 2000's. Chuck Hayes (modesto) of course was nice. Fountaine from Jesuit in early 90's I want to say is up there. (Of course Marquiss Chris but I didn't see him play & Kj are Sac staples). Two guys I balled against: Josh Davis and Mourice Miller (Sheldon x's 2) were nice. Jameel Pugh, slam mag said was best dunker in the world apparently at one point & was nice. Jordan Brown (Roseville) what is up w him? Why isn't he living up to his bill at univ. NV? Did he transfer? I am if I am him. He was up there w the best posts in CA I have seen. I liked his post moves & footwork. Kenny Wooten (had a great NCAA tourney for Oregon couple yrs hmm..)

: : : : : : Other Best in CA players 90's om:

: : : : : : Best Player from SF: Marquis Kately: Played against & actually I dropped a ton of points on him back in 7th grade. Then he grew & was doing windmills to his knees in 8th & I was like...nah I can't do this guy like last year even though his team always barely would beat ours so I never took pride in the points I got when we would go back & forth guarding one another. Honestly he is the best player from SF I've seen and maybe CCS not named AG & it isn't even close. & his guard/wing ability I think if AG & him would go toe to toe AG would not be able to handle the J & quickness & jumper. but AG would bully him in the post & also do him on Off. Luke whitehead, Decense White, Winters Patterson RIP, Dante Sawyer, Jerry Brown. Cardell Butler

: : : : : : Others in Bay Area: Leon Powe, Senque Carey: St francis MV, Joe Kelly montogomery Santa Rosa, Brandon Worthy, Jason Obauzuye (SJ hill), Jeremy Lin, JR. Russell Santa Cruz HS. Ray Young st joes, Brandon Armstrong valljo drafted from peperdine cc sabathia MLB pitcher & him had some battles w Ray Youngs St Joe's squads back when, Will Cherry, Damon Powell, Drew Gooden,

: : : : : : Best ever from Monterey Bay (under 7 ft....Tim Young = 7'1 -& most successful playing final 4 at Stanford & for GSW's): Josh Rhodes Santa Cruz HS '02. Was recruited by AZ, UNC at points so there is a reason he had those schools and major programs giving him a look, a generational once every couple decades type talent for out there, and thus why major D1's were in the house recruiting him in HS. He picked Iowa...& unfortunate like Kately that he didn't do to much in CBB and even much less (see not even one CBB game) like Kately. Iowa had a lot of turmoil at the time sure wish & think had he not picked Steve Alford & Iowa that he would have had a great D1 carrier elsewhere. Tony Curtis (seaside 01), Jamal ____seaside '01 (Played @ Montana or Idaho)

: : : :
: : : : : Onyeka Okwongu aka Big O. Dude dominated at CHHS for 4 years and won every award imaginable. Stanley Johnson at MD made winning look easy. Casey Jacobson was an elite scorer all 4 years at Glendora. Of course Tracy Murray was as well before Casey arrived. Corey Benjamin was smashing on whole teams and kicking butt at Fontana. Jelani Gardner was great at Bishop Amat and St John Bosco. Donte Quinine at Rowland scored effortlessly and was a McDonalds All American. Jeremy Helmsley was solid at Damien and beat up on the Ball Bro’s for 1-2 seasons.

: : : : :Baron Davis was the best high school player I ever watched in person.
: : : : Others not mentioned above:
: : : : Josh Childress, Mayfair
: : : : Demar Derozan, Compton
: : : : Adam Keefe, Woodbridge (80's)
: : : : Jrue Holiday, Campbell Hall
: : : : Renardo Sidney, Fairfax

: : : 80's Crenshaw John Williams

: :
: : Yes those guys were all Socal legends! Thanks for adding. I have seen most of the newer guys on TV but I guess I didn't ad that to my criteria (as I put in person/1st hand) so I didn't think of them such as I definitely seen the multiple Chino HS games on TV & big O, the ball brothers well as Sierra Canyon & Bishop Montgomery Squads the last 7/8 & of course StanleyJ! I believe SJ is the only guy to win 4 ships at the highest level but I could be wrong?! Therefore, has an argument as 1 of if not the greatest in CA player ever in HS hoops. Definitely achieve a lot of gold while at MD! Big O will go in 1st round I am seeing projections are saying, no?

: : Thanks for throwing the old school guys as I live in the bay area so most my socal guys are from friends hype & now a lot on TV, state championship games & playing 1st hand vs some around my 02 class. I mean you guys have so much talent down there I mean u could list endlist amount of guys...I want to know about more the lesser known or didn't make it ones or the ones that jumped out the gym etc. I know more of the newer guys who starred in college & NBA guys of course: I mean the list could be endlist if you ad those guys like the paul pierces the derozens the jordan bell's dorrell wrights etc. etc.. regiie milllers kawaii leonards...I want to hear morso the legends like of course over the years a lot of older posters on here said John Williams (crenshaw) was one of CA's best ever players the tracey murrays (thanks for that brought back convo's) the casey jacobson's, the tobi baileys, jelani gardners corey jordan i.e Stacey Augman. Even players that never had much fame in college for whatever reasons but were dope HS ballers. Sidney...damn thx man thats a name..remember him in slam mag coming from Miss. to LA. Where is Jeremy Helmsley at now? b didy was nice! I am sure Russell Westbrook was nice...although I remember collison was pg at ucla & RW didnt really take off until the NBA much in a similar mold as Zach Levine did or a Deron Williams. Holiday bros campbell hs of course. Who else? Anyone got any stories or folklore? Haha! Like players snatching money off backboards...I know there is a lot of street ball lore w Raymond Lewis, John Williams..who else..commentator Marques Johnson..Poole father & son.

: Yall know who else was nice...& some yall gonna laugh at me but dude was a scoring machine and really a nice PG, white boy out of Fresno. Chris Hernandez who played PG at Stanford, was decent there but nothing like the splash I thought he's make. Remember him tearing up De La Salle at Arco just sinle handedly willing Clovis West over them & DLS had Joe See (USF i think) a lower D1 Pg but hernandez was just eating them up for dinner! He wasn't the same guy at Stanford I am telling you. He tore I think his ACL from his Sr yr after I saw him to his 1st yr at Stanford but he had one of the fastest 1st steps I have ever seen from a CA HS baller & single handedly willed Clovis to a D1 ship in that game. He lost a lot of that 1st step & wasnt that same quick shot out of a cannon 1st step in college post ACL tear unfortunately. A guy like Brandon Heath (W chester 02, MWC POY @ SDSU) who I guarded in AAU ball had that same blur 1st step. hernandez was as quick if not quicker than dude. You blink & your teammate is already inbounding the ball from the baseline kind of guy. lol. Speaking of Fresno... I am wondering if this kid Jalen Green will be even greater than Deshawn. I say that cautionally young athletes always have to have that hunger & drive & get better, but I am very impressed w the kids game from what I have seen..its a lot different than Deshawn Stevenson's was in HS, but he is tall lanky can shoot step back dunk..seems to have a complete game and should run to the L ASAP while he is young gifted & the hype is there.

Jeremy Lin was pretty good at Palo Alto HS. Beat Mater dei in the state final.

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