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Posted by Let's Get Real on March 10, 2021 at 14:19:33:

In Reply to: Re: Thanks to the responsible people... posted by R U 4 real? on March 09, 2021 at 13:58:25:

: : : : That's the sound you hear when all those predictions about no high school season get filed in the nonsense file right next to the predictions of 5% exponentially escalating death rates and overwhelmed ICUs with bodies piled in the streets.

: : : : Coming up next: Shortened high school seasons, NCAA viewing periods in June and July along with maybe August and September, and the return of college elite camps. Your local gym is probably already open whether you know it or not. Get ready now or stay home with Walt and Dave and Hedy.


: : : : Go ahead and delete this Walt. You can't stop progress.

: : : Hey Walt, apparently you're a septagenarian real estate lawyer with a Wilford Brimley mustache who makes obscure references to the Askew-niverse. Who knew?

: : : Back to LGR, with you in charge of the pandemic there would have been many more deaths, you wanted LA to be out and about with no ICUs available during flu season.

: : : The extensive shutdown of all non-critical services and recreation wasn't enough for hospitals to operate at full efficiency, but not too many extra died as a result. Any shot at a (near) full season is because we listened to people like Fauci.

: : : What LGR doesn't understand in his Belmont Shore bubble is, not everyone has Anthem insurance. Communities that struggle with poverty were hit harder by COVID than your little slice of seashore heaven. These people can't sit around ordering Baskin Robbins off DoorDash all day while watching NewsMax, their jobs require them to expose themselves to people in a pandemic. You wanted people playing at the height of one, which would have made the jobs of essential workers more dangerous.

: : : "But other states played, you fear mongering liberal"...finish your boysenberry delight and double check those helmet straps. Most public schools in large cities (even basketball powerhouses) did not start playing in January or February. The schools that did wore masks in virtually empty gyms, defeating the purpose of interscholastic sports. May as well have waited, or just played club ball discreetly.

: : Belmont Shore is a nice place to visit but I don't live there. Keep guessing. Also have never ordered Baskin Robbins online but I'll take your word for it that it can be done.

: : The thing is, I was right all along and you don't want to admit it. The COVID scare was a big overreaction. Yes some people died (mostly old people, many of whom might not have lived out the year in the best of circumstances, but still) but OVERREACTION means taking things too far, and that unfortunately is what happened. That's why lawsuits are being won, that's why things are opening up. The NBA, which was the first major organization to overreact and may have even set the whole chain of events in motion, is now trying to get people back into their gyms because they realize they overreacted.

: : Unfortunately, the sanctimonious battle cry of the over-reactors is always "it's because of us that we're ok!" It's hard to disprove that of course, because we'll never get to do it any other way.

: : By the way, LA actually was "out and about during flu season." No one locked themselves in their homes hoarding toilet paper like they did in March of last year during the first shutdown. People had already had their fill of bogeyman virus stories and many were back at work and shopping for Christmas presents at the not-closed malls. And still the bodies did not pile up in the streets. I'm sure the reason for the full (but never over-full) ICUs had nothing to do with the government funds available for COVID patients which hospital administrators were taking full advantage of. Just like COVID deaths haven't been over-counted for the same financial reasons. It's just a wild coincidence that deaths for all other causes were lower last year.

: : Just some crazy stuff for you to mull over as you enjoy your Baskin Robbins sir.

: That helmet may be on too tight...

: How were you "right all along" by wanting to play in December, before any significant amount of vulnerable people were vaccinated, and after the Thanksgiving surge? You continue to ignore the message that would be sent by making "exceptions", and the fact that HS "masketball" with no fans would just be travel ball with nicer jerseys. Waiting until Spring was the right choice for HS hoops, we don't have the television contracts the NBA/NCAA enjoy.

: Your views on the coronavirus are bipolar, at one moment you write it off as a flu, and try to attribute the deaths to people being weak and frail, but then claim to take masks and social distancing very seriously. If this were just another flu, would six members of Karl Anthony-Towns' family have died this past year? Or is the family of an NBA All-Star just not as healthy as the rest of us?

: You said many were back at work and out Christmas shopping. The word "many" doesn't mean "most". LA traffic was not back to normal levels, and public transit ridership is reduced. This Winter, LA may not have been the ghost town it was last March, but was noticeably less busy after outdoor dining was banned.

: Four European countries had higher rates of hospitalizations, so your Fox News talking point about fudged numbers is past expiration. But what you implied next was your most ridiculous suggestion yet...that people were hospitalized - in ICUs no less - without first having massive health complications.

: Oof.

: Testing facilities did not have ambulances waiting to rush every person testing positive to the ER. People cannot be hospitalized against their will in CA, or without consent from a legal guardian.

: ICUs were overflowing across CA. The keyword in ICU is INTENSIVE. A hospital can only give INTENSIVE care to so many patients simultaneously before said care becomes less INTENSIVE.

By "Bipolar" I think you mean "contradictory" but you're too confused and emotional to differentiate between the two. You put a lot of words in my mouth and imputed a lot of opinions that I do not hold. I would clarify for you but you're just an argumentative troll looking for attention to make up for not getting hugged enough as a child. Anyway, my words are still out there, no matter how many posts Walt deleted when he got in a self-righteous huff. As for you, I'm going to treat you the same way I would treat any other crazy person I had the misfortune to encounter: smile and back away...

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