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Posted by Let on March 01, 2021 at 15:44:34:

In Reply to: Re: Another spike in 3...2... posted by Nellie on February 11, 2021 at 12:54:52:

: : "You get so excited to attack me! I'm glad to be making the wheels in your brain (finally) turn a little. Rent payment for your head is in the mail!"

: This is telling of your psychology, it was always about you more so than basketball. Just about proving your point, lives and health be damned. It is not you I am singling out as an anathema, rather your ignorant narrative. People like you are why we aren't playing.

: : "Unfortunately you're misguided and you are so entrenched in your mistaken ideology that you miss the big picture."

: The only mistaken ideology is what you push about personal responsibility alone being the panacea. If this were true, why do the spikes always flatten 2-3 weeks after Newsom slams on the brakes? These numbers didn't drop because of mask wearing, hand sanitizer, and social distancing alone. Indoor dining was allowed during summer, a mistake. We could have had a HS football season if not for the spike after Memorial Day.

: : "Really though, we aren't playing because politicians have panicked and dug us a hole and now they have to lead us back out while still saving face. It will happen, it's just going to take time."

: The only panic move was kowtowing to idiots who wanted to leave virus transmission prevention to the public. Newsom needed to maintain NYC standards and protocols throughout the summer, but he didn't want to scare away tourists. Last month, CA had the worst ICU overload in the nation since NYC in March. That is the hole we are currently in.

: : "By the way, "virtually all restrictions on gatherings" do NOT have to be lifted in order to allow high school sports to occur. A simple exception can be made, and the politicians can even cover their own quivering bottoms by explaining that teens are not at great risk from COVID, they would be wearing masks, spectators would be limited or banned completely (college sports are being played this way), and all participants are voluntary. Super easy."

: Exceptions only weaken and dilute rules, everyone who feels robust and healthy would see HS basketball gatherings and ask, "why not us?". Good luck telling people to stay home from church on Easter. College sports are playing in a semi-bubble with constant testing, and they are a multi-billion dollar industry, making them essential. HS basketball is not, especially without fans.

: : "Since people believe whatever they are told, this will be accepted by the public eventually, with a few scared holdouts like yourself."

: People have been told for months to stay home and avoid gatherings, and some still don't believe. Half of my friends don't even believe the vaccine works, and refuse to take it until at least a year goes by AND THEY'RE LIBERALS! God help us...

: : "By the way, NFHS has already pointed out that the tier system really doesn't need to apply here so put your crayons and your map away."

: Despite the NFHS's findings, CA would still be the most infected area in the country, and even the NFHS found that "prevailing community infection rates appear to be the strongest predictor for high school athletes being infected". So playing immediately, or having already started as you suggested, would be a reckless move.

: : "Numbers are dropping and now some people on these forums have been exposed as the negative Nellies we knew they were all along. You can keep raving about the next spike and the approaching Armageddon but the rest of us are going to quietly get back to our lives."

: I've been a negative Nellie, but this Nellie's still batting a thousand...Every time you've posted something declaring victory, the next spike was not far behind. Newsom recently caved and relaxed restrictions on dining, so here we go again.

: See you in April after the next round of stay-at-home orders. I suggest securing some gym space in Santa Barbara or San Diego county if you want to see your kids/team play.

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