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Posted by hedleylamarr on February 20, 2021 at 11:10:04:

In Reply to: You're a hy-politi-crite posted by and Let's Get Real is not a name on February 11, 2021 at 00:21:43:

: :
: : : : All the hand-wringing and doom-saying by Walt, Hedy, and the crazy guy who was going to shoot ICU patients has been exposed as a giant overreaction.

: : : So as we approach a half a million deaths in the United States, you're claiming that it was a "giant overreaction."

: : : Hope you had fun storming the Capitol.

: : : Walt's Dog

: : Numbers to think about:

: : 468K COVID-related deaths*
: : 331M US Population

: : 468K/331M = 0.14%

: : Not 1%. Certainly not 5% (haha! remember that one Walt? along with your increasing percentages new math theory?). A little over ONE TENTH of one percent.

: : And 60% of the deaths are in the 75+ age group.

: : People die. Some die of accidents. Some have hillbilly cousins shoot them while they are in the ICU. And some die of illnesses. This is not the first pandemic we faced and it won't be the last. Just in the last 50 years in the US alone: London Flu (1972-3), Russian Flu (1977-9), HIV (1981-on), SARS (2002-4), Swine Flu (2009-10), MERS (2012-on), H3N2 (2017-8), and of course COVID, which hasn't been politicized even a little bit. Are more diseases happening? Or are we just getting better at identifying them?

: : SEE:

: : Would some of the people who died COVID-related deaths have died anyway? Yes, but we'll never know how many. What does "COVID-related" even mean anyway? Read this article, and then think about what it means that the medical experts don't even agree:

: : Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Socially distance. Postpone that visit to grandma and grandpa. But please stop feeding the hype.

: You complain about politics, and yet are the most political person in the thread. Then you repeat the same straw-man argument about death totals, when ICU and staff shortages are the issues.

: When talking about previous pandemics, why bring up anything other than the Spanish, or at least the Hong Kong Flu of the late 60s? Swine Flu is a far-right talking point with regards to Covid comparisons (never good to be on the same side as Eric Trump). Swine Flu was more deadly to the INDIVIDUALS who caught it (this is a critical distinction), but was far less contagious than Covid, and was no threat to overwhelm ICUs.

: You ignore the fact that deaths caused by Covid are secondary to its case numbers.

: You ignore that no epidemic since the Spanish Flu has forced hospitals nationwide to operate above capacity.

: You ignore that every climate zone North of the Tropics is taking unprecedented measures with this contagious and still mutating virus.

: Vaccines may not stop a third wave next winter if enough people don't take the next 4 months seriously.

: "Are more diseases happening? Or are we just getting better at identifying them"

: JFC man, you are right, I must have no working brain cells at all to argue with you, after that display of impeccable logic and deduction. Oh, and you compared this to the HIV epidemic. Triple idiot score.


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