Re: Need help moving the goalposts again?

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Posted by Pastor on February 13, 2021 at 15:50:09:

In Reply to: Need help moving the goalposts again? posted by Let's Get Gas-lit on February 13, 2021 at 11:32:02:

: : :
: : : : 468K COVID-related deaths*
: : : : 331M US Population

: : : : 468K/331M = 0.14%

: : : The CFR is currently at 1.75%, not 0.14%.

: : : I'd think that after this many months of news, you'd at least get a clue on how it works. You don't even understand what "COVID-related" means, but you spout off like you're some sort of expert.

: : : Back in May, the CFR was over 5%. It's coming down, fortunately. But while you site all those other diseases without any context, the truth is that we haven't had an infectious outbreak that has killed this many people in a year since the Spanish flu pandemic. That was a century ago, for those keeping score at home.

: : : You're one of those people who have been yapping that we should be back week after week since the beginning of this pandemic. Sooner or later you'll be right, and then you'll idiotically claim that you were right all along. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see many of us on this board performing a face-palm when you do.

: : : Walt's Dog

: : Hi Walt,

: : I wasn't showing the CFR (Case Fatality Rate). I was using math to show what percentage of people in the US are dying, just to give a little perspective to those who desperately need it.

: : In May, when you invented that new math in which you expected the CFR to "exponentially increase," the CFR was higher because no one was getting tested unless they showed up at the hospital with symptoms. In other words, it was kind of the worst case scenario - the CFR for the most severe cases if you will.

: : As for "COVID-related" you should read the article I posted. Medical experts aren't even on the same page about this.

: : The point of bringing up the other epidemics was to show that there always viruses and diseases that threaten lives. It sounds like you listen to the news a lot. I'm sure you've heard of the "new COVID strain" which has started to show up here in the US. That will keep the media and the hand-wringers busy for another few months, while Dave Reville pops in to tell us that since we don't know absolutely everything about everything that there's no possible way we can justify leaving our homes ever again.

: : It really galls you that I was right from the start about everything. You and your minions want to spew hate with literally no factual backing whatsoever while I have provided support for everything that I have said. I'm sorry that your tiny little egos are so threatened but it doesn't change the fact that it's time to go back to living instead of waiting around in fear of some bogeyman virus that probably won't hurt you.

: : Remember all those posts of mine and other people that got deleted? It's fun to go back and see all the long conversations from May where the only posts left standing are yours. Good job eliminating everyone who disagrees with you. Stalin did the same thing.

: : By the way, the word is "cite" not "site."

: If your posts were deleted it was because they contained extraneous and misleading information during a pandemic. FYI, the moderator hasn't posted on here in quite some time, you'll know if he does. No one you are arguing with has power to delete messages.

: What posts would those be "left standing", for those who actually have lives? You posted before Thanksgiving that hospitals weren't in danger of ICU overload, that was wrong. You mocked people all summer for predicting more shutdowns in the winter, that was wrong.

: Remind us all, how were you right all along?

: The entire reason cases are dropping and HS sports are even possible in most states is the exact thing you have crusaded against since May. That is, stay-at-home orders and the heavy restrictions on gatherings.

Sad that so many Americans aren't intelligent enough to do what it requires to keep cases and deaths down like some other countries, but most Americans have always been selfish, hard headed and could careless about others.

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