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Posted by Let's Get Real(ly Dumb) on February 09, 2021 at 12:51:47:

In Reply to: Re: Why are they dragging this out? posted by Let's Get Real on February 09, 2021 at 10:09:31:

: : : They should announce there won't be a season already? What is left to see?

: : : No chance we hit purple status by March.

: : CIF and NFHS are negotiating and petitioning the state heavily to rescind the correlation between sports and the tiers and focus on precautions and restrictions. NFHS published a medical study that supports basketball played with masks is relatively as safe as outdoor sports. There have also been studies by several states' health departments that found there is no evidence that supports the idea that youth/high school sports is a spreader of Covid. I believe 30 states have completed or are about to complete their basketball seasons. None reported sports related breakouts. Hopefully our control freak governor pulls his head out soon and sees the facts.

: All true. It is almost certain that we will have some sort of season starting in late March or April.

: All the hand-wringing and doom-saying by Walt, Hedy, and the crazy guy who was going to shoot ICU patients has been exposed as a giant overreaction. Death rates have never approached the 5% or higher that Walt predicted and have instead hovered steadily around 1%, with most deaths in the 75+ age group or those with pre-existing conditions and/or compromised immune systems. Not only do we have vaccines available and distribution well under way but we are also better at treating those who get severely sick. Like I said before, you're far more likely to survive COVID than die from it. Healthy teens have almost no health risk, statistically speaking, from COVID.

: Most states have already been playing sports safely, with the west coast states among the only holdouts. Pressure is being brought to bear by parents, students, and coaches for the kids to be allowed to play. The #LetThemPlay movement has picked up tremendous momentum. You can be sure that no politician is looking to commit career suicide by canceling sports this school year. We will undoubtedly hear good news about moving forward with some kind of season within the next few weeks. Stay tuned.


I'll write shorter paragraphs to help you read.

We might get news of a season in the next few weeks, assuming you didn't jinx it again, as literally every one of your posts declaring victory heralds another round of bad news.

Basketball is currently being played in masks in many states. What the hell is the point? Better than nothing but not better than waiting, especially if the stands are limited to 250 people.

Just for the record, only Dave R. consistently wanted to cancel all sports because "we didn't know enough about the virus". The rest of us just understood the standards for re-opening have to be uniform for each county. If you allow contact sports indoors, virtually all restrictions on gatherings have to be lifted. Leaders can't just tell the public "teenagers are safe so ONLY they can congregate" without undermining all restrictions on gatherings.

The virus is going away, but LA County will be the last to enter the least restrictive, or "Yellow" tier. But Santa Barbara, VC, and OC should be good to go by April...if people continue to take this somewhat seriously, that is.

Back to your dumb ass, no one predicted 5% death rates or actually said they would shoot ICU patients. But those could have occurred if everyone had the attitude of some legislators, as most of CA had no ICU space at all in December, despite all the "draconian" restrictions in place. Turns out we needed more, Angelenos definitely under-reacted to the virus.

While hospitals may literally have been able to get extra beds, those beds are not staffed and do not have the facilities of an ICU. They would have been, in fact, death beds.

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