Re: Please be safe and consider humanity.

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Posted by Dave Reville on December 12, 2020 at 14:23:51:

In Reply to: Re: Please be safe and consider humanity. posted by Coach on December 11, 2020 at 22:35:29:

: : : : : For those who think they should have freedom to not wear masks and go to house or warehouse parties, etc....I lost a friend to Covid-19 who wore a mask and volunteered apparently too much helping other people at various food places, and Kaiser Baldwin Park is full and turning away ambulances today. I think in Lancaster is where they arrested 158 people for breaking into a vacant property and having a mask less party. Let families eat together at outside restaurants but don't just eat with people not in your household. There are heart attack people and others who have to be taken farther to another hospital to stay alive. You don't want to wear a mask please go on a long vacation where not wearing a mask won't hurt anyone else. We lost a good man that should have been around for years for his family and grandchildren. Our friend doctors are tired of people who die who don't have their family by their side. Thank you for thinking of humankind and wear a mask and social distance.

: : : : So sorry for your loss. Thanks for posting this reminder that we are all vulnerable.

: : : BFD!! This has nothing to do with basketball, post your attention getting story elsewhere. Sorry your friend died, but it was their fault that they got COVID and died. Its obvious that they had a pre-existing condition. Too bad, so sad. We have been on lockdown again but our numbers are still going up...I wonder why? Wearing a mask and social distancing isn't working. Shutting down our economy isn't working either. Everything you posted is already known and nothing has changed. Its all the same since March. You would think with all of the lockdowns and shutdowns things would have improved. But I guess not, its funny wearing a mask and social distancing obviously isn't working. Oh well, in about 4 months COVID will be a distant memory and we can get back to life and sports.

: : It takes two weeks for the cases to level off after a shutdown, as symptoms often take at least one week to show up, and several days to reach their peak severity. The same lag was seen in March when CA initially launched their stay-at-home order, cases went up at the same rate until early April.

: : Expect CA to begin flattening the curve this weekend. But bear in mind that wearing masks and social distancing only lowers cases in summer months, the weakened immune systems in winter are highly vulnerable to a novel virus (that doesn't mean masks are useless, the spread would be worse without them).

: : This is why all non-essential or (currently) unfeasible businesses must be restricted, gatherings of people must be limited to those in a bubble of sorts, with protocol and daily testing. This is why a movie production is allowed next to a closed restaurant.

: : The vaccine will not be available to all the people in at-risk groups until Spring. Then there's the matter of actually getting 80% of the country vaccinated by next Fall, or there would be more outbreaks in 2021. Which will undoubtedly be blamed on 5G.

: So what is your answer since you know everything? Why would you criticize a healthy person wearing a mask and out helping people at food distribution? I said humanity. Our district said they aren't paying coaches unless we play and off the record word is no sports this school year. So, you have your opinion and others have theirs. But don't act like you are supreme and other people opinions don't matter. Our local doctors are tired of holding dying people's hands. Since you haven't said what the answer is, people we know wear their masks and social distance. One family lost five people because they weren't wearing masks. And no I didn't say something on here to get attention. I coach, we don't do it for attention, we do it because we care. Was simply trying to encourage all people to do something the experts are asking us to do to help reduce health crises. That's all. None of this is fun. Hopefully we can work together to make things better regardless of opinions. Thank you for listening.

Coach, you're a class act and a wise human being. Pay no attention to anyone who would write something as horrible as "too bad, so sad" when referring to a person dying of Covid. Anyone that insensitive isn't worth your time. Thanks for all you do for your kids, and I hope your holiday season is full of love, laughter and good health.
To the "too bad, so sad" writer - look in the mirror, man. That ain't right. Maybe you've been lucky enough not to have this virus hit you or anyone you love, but that's no excuse for being cruel.

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