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Posted by hedleylamarr on December 05, 2020 at 06:30:01:

In Reply to: Re: fear mongering? posted by name unimportant - We're all anonymous on November 26, 2020 at 02:08:50:

: : : : : : : It's true most teenagers are at very low risk of experiencing serious complications from Covid.

: : : : : : : BUT...

: : : : : : : Those same teenagers have parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, coaches, referees, and are capable of spreading the virus to anyone and everyone. Which simply means more cases, more serious complications, more deaths, more crowded hospitals, more stress on health care providers, and more damage to our economy.

: : : : : : : I doubt it is worth it.

: : : : : : : One thing I do think is an absolute no brainer right now, and that is lets stop pretending we're going to have all 3 levels playing. There is no chance FS/JV should be playing. That is just triple the risk for everyone. Sharing team rooms, locker rooms, gym, equipment, busses, etc. No thanks.

: : : : : : : Varsity only IF anything at all.

: : : : : : Sports are a VOLUNTARY activity, so those who have at-risk families can opt out. Problem solved. As for the refs and the coaches, they are also free to opt out, but I haven't talked to any who want to. And no need for buses, kids can figure out their own transportation.

: : : : : : Thanks for bringing up the damage to the economy. That was all caused by the shutdown actually. Opening up is how we fix it, and not adding to the problem.

: : : : : About the damage to the economy part, there have been new records of both cases and hospitalizations DAILY, and we aren't even at Thanksgiving. Eventually, even with no advisories from government, most would stay home on their own rather than risk certain illness, and businesses who braved Covid would not make enough money to stay open. Hospitals could only admit those with the best insurance. And of course American reputation would suffer, as we'd be the only hard-hit country stupid enough to be trying this.

: : : : : With the virus absolutely raging in that scenario, the irony is our government wouldn't be able to release the vaccine without creating more chaos. The logistics would be staggering. You'd have to zone off cities with the military to prevent a rush on the vaccine, which would first be released to hardest hit areas (that were also deemed essential).

: : : : : Stats and analytics on the recovery rate of Covid are irrelevant once you step into an overflowing hospital, the initial viral load adds to the danger for those infected with Covid. At some point, cardiac patients would have to be treated in ambulances rather than ICUs, and that point would come sooner if people were urged to do as they please during winter.

: : : : : Back to basketball, your idea of students driving themselves would reek of privilege to many public school parents, whose households may or may not have the resources to get a car for their son/daughter. Have you been on many city buses? Hope you don't have a daughter who plays sports, if that's your plan for getting her to the game.

: : : : : And even the families without any especially vulnerable members may have essential workers that will interact with other families over the course of would be like poisoning one ocean, thinking "it's only one ocean", but not realizing that all oceans and large seas are connected, and that poison will eventually spread everywhere.

: : : : No one said anything about kids driving themselves. I said "figure out their own transportation." For home games, this shouldn't be a big deal at all. For away games there are usually enough parents with flexible schedules to drive car pool. And, yes, some kids can drive themselves. Crisis averted. Get a life!

: : : Another Let Them Eat Cake solution, eh? Brilliant. Since public school is not in session, even picking up kids for a home game could be an issue. Then they have to be driven home. All in all, this would add many hours to some people's days.

: : : If you're telling people to get a life on here, with what is going on worldwide, you are the one without anything going on. Placing HS sports over health. The only thing real about you is your pig headed disregard for civic responsibility and public safety.

: : : If your kids are determined to play and you have the means, there are leagues going on that are unaffiliated with schools. It would be irresponsible for a high school to host anything given the mission statement at most institutions of higher learning.

: : Schools are shut down because they are not "voluntary" like sports are. They are also adult-intensive places with teachers, staff, security, etc., and many of those folks wouldn't have the opportunity to say "no thanks, I'd rather not take the risk."

: : Basketball on the other hand could happen with exactly 4 adults in the gym - two coaches and two referees, all voluntary participants who could even wear masks if they want to.

: : And saying that the solution I proposed is a "let them eat cake" solution while you propose only allowing the elite to participate in private leagues which cost money and may involve greater travel distance is the ultimate in hypocrisy. You embarrass yourself again, which is why you continue to change your screen name.

: : By the way, there are many among us, including myself, who don't believe that we are actually in a worldwide health crisis. You may notice the death rates are not spiking like the case rates, meaning people are testing positive but not dying. And hospitals are not overwhelmed, bodies are not piling up in the streets, people are not dropping like flies. The CA Governor is so concerned he doesn't even follow his own guidelines.

: : For those who aren't COVID zealots, check out this page:,data%20from%20November%2023%2C%202020.

: : And I'll let you go back and review other posts where the data shows that the country's death rates haven't increased much at all, but quite a few deaths seem to have been reclassified from "heart attack," "respiratory disorder," and even "flu" to "COVID," possibly in the attempt to gain funding. No conspiracy theory here, just good ol' behavioral-based reward-seeking economics.

: : It seems very likely that this is just another "Y2K" example of institutionalized irrational panic that starts from a legitimate concern but gets blown out of proportion by politicians and the media, and a few years from now we'll all be laughing at it and having 2020 parties where everyone wears a mask and carries hand sanitizer. Assuming that our economy survives that long, that is.

: _____________________________________________________

: This is why people shouldn't take you as a voice of reason - not because you are lying, but because you lack reading comprehension beyond what you want to understand.

: NOWHERE did I, or anyone, say basketball should only be for private schools or those with financial means. I am reminding everyone that public or private schools should not and will not use their budgets on athletics, and anyone wanting to play now will have to come up with their own money to make it happen before March. Simply a fact.

: Who would pay the refs or operate/secure/clean the gym (that may be outside of the city, or possibly county due to guidelines)? Where's the transportation budget? Could some coaches even afford the hours without a stipend? Would the district limit stipends for all coaches if the season is played without fans or fundraisers? Now, if they wait until March/April/May to play league games, there could even be fans and home games, and it would be a far better experience.

: But back to COVID, I'll let you explain the numbers on the link you provided. It shows 348 more ICU beds were occupied by patients in the days between 11/16 and 11/19 statewide. Went from 2,266 available to 1,918 in four days, a 15% drop. And you want to brave flu season with only the precautions we took all summer? We at least must establish a baseline for the average stay of an ICU patient.

: For example, last spring, some patients took up to two months to be moved out of intensive care. Perhaps treatments have improved, and the virus is less deadly now (and more infectious, as is the evolutionary path of any virus), but to see available ICU beds fall by 15% in half a week is rather disconcerting.


: I understand this has been used by some to further various agendas, although governments on both ends of the political spectrum have struggled with this and come up with the same solution. I'm honestly not worried about death numbers with regards to reopening - just ICU capacity specifically. But speaking of fear mongering, that last sentence of yours was a real gem...

Amen, brother. He is clearly either a science-denier, or just not a nice person. How can we have athletics if schools are not open?

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