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Posted by Coach on November 01, 2020 at 21:46:29:

In Reply to: Re: Tell the truth, coach posted by Views Askewed on September 26, 2020 at 23:54:20:

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: : : : Come on coach, enough sophistry. The people with underlying conditions that you write about would still be alive if not for contracting this virus - COVID killed them. That's a fact, no matter how much you, the President and his lapdogs dispute it. Without Covid they'd be alive.

: : : I've tried to avoid the politics of it, but the restructering of the presentation of the statistics was a political move to cover up the massive failures of the government. Now we have people--even intelligent people--giving out misinformation about this virus.

: : : Walt Flanagan's Dog

: : I've tried to avoid the politics too - especially on a HS hoops site - but this disingenuous bs is too much. 200,000 Americans have already died, and it's well past time to tell the truth.
: : Thanks, Walt Flanagan's Dog, for weighing in (great name, btw!).

: Spain, Italy, France, U.K , and the US are the top five tourist destinations in the world, and also have the most outgoing tourists. Each of these nations failed in their covid responses by not banning all travel to and from other countries, and quarantining returning travelers.

: Nursing homes have been death traps during this pandemic. Aside from NY, 30-50% of all deaths in each state have been in assisted living/nursing facilities, as the employees cannot keep a sterile bubble environment with their resources. Roughly 40% of all deaths in the USA have been in nursing homes.

: There are 655k deaths related to heart disease each year. Covid may or may not have been a lethal factor in some of these cases, but if anyone who dies happens to test positive for Covid, they become part of the 200k.

: Once there is an estimate of how many Americans have had the virus, if the percentage of heart disease deaths in a given time (w/ Covid as an underlying cause) is significantly greater than the percentage of overall Americans who have had the virus, all the fearmongering was apropos. For example, if 10% of the country has contracted Covid by the end of the year, and around 10% of all heart disease deaths listed Covid as an underlying cause, perhaps the deaths were related to preexisting heart disease. If that number is 20%, Covid is definitely a contributing factor. We should look at all deaths this year and see what percentage of each type of death had Covid as an underlying cause, and compare that to the percentage of Americans infected.

: By March, there will be a vaccine, and enough will be inoculated for young people to play indoor sports. Few fans will be allowed and some may not be permitted without a vaccination.

Here's a little bit of factual information straight from the CDC. The CDC is reporting that this past flu season (they track October to October, so it just ended) was called the worst in over a decade. Doctor visits and hospitalizations due to the flu were up over 25% from last year. Deaths due to the flu were down 67%. There is a Provisional Death Report on the CDC website. The report shows the number of death due to the flu are around 400-600 per week until the end of April. You know, when the directive came down to start attributing all these deaths to Covid-19. At that time the number gets cut by about half each week. For the 11 weeks from weekending 2/1/20 through weekending 4/11/20. The worst week's death toll due to the flu was 655 deaths. The fewest was 443 deaths. From weekending 5/30/20 through last week, the worst week's death toll due to the flu was 13 deaths, the fewest deaths was 4.

In another report from the CDC meant to show us how deadly Covid-19 is, it showed that it is the 3rd leading cause of death in America this year with 230,000 deaths. The leading cause is Heart Disease which consistently kills about 650,000 people per year. The problem is, it has only been attributed with killing about 480,000 this year. Which means at that rate it will kill about 580,000 this year. Second is Cancer which normally kills about 600,000, currently at 426,000, which means about 520,000 by year's end. Third is usually Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases which usually kills 160,000, currently at 107,000 on a pace for less than 130,000.
That's projecting 180,000 fewer deaths this year by just those three causes of death alone, plus add in the 15,000-20,000 flu deaths we're short.

These are nothing more than facts from the CDC. Read it quick before it gets deleted

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