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Posted by Let's Get Real on September 20, 2020 at 10:15:59:

In Reply to: Clarity posted by Dave Reville on September 20, 2020 at 09:33:46:

: : :

: : : College basketball should be put on hold until we know more. This could be a disaster in the making, and it's not worth it. These kids aren't pros. We should deal with Covid, then the kids can hit the courts again.

: : To the untrained eye, Dave, it almost looks like you are telling people what they should do even though you insist that's not what you are doing. It's very difficult to see the difference. For example, if I was to say "we should all keep our mouths shut until we know for sure that there is even a real threat to young healthy athletes" then you might think that I was telling you that you shouldn't have an opinion, when in fact that's not what I'm saying at all. It certainly can be confusing!

: I certainly don't mean to confuse anyone and apologize if I have. You're right about this - I AM trying to convince people to behave a certain way (cautiously). I state my position, and try to use relevant facts to convince people with differing opinions to change their minds. Isn't that how a debate usually goes?
: I wouldn't be so aggressive about this Covid situation if not for one fact - when people take unnecessary risks they put the entire community at risk. And I don't want anyone putting my family and friends at risk.

Great points. By the same logic, I think it's WAY too early to think about leaving the house for any reason ever. For example, a meteor could fall out of the sky and hit you right on the head. Or you could be in a fatal car accident like thousands of other Americans each year. No eating food because you could get food poisoning. And we haven't even gotten to potential terrorist attacks or earthquakes or weather related scenarios. Leaving home should definitely be put on hold until we know more. It could be a disaster in the making and it's not worth it. We should deal with all this stuff, then we can go out the front door.

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