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Posted by to clarify on July 09, 2020 at 17:36:44:

In Reply to: Re: Flu posted by Great News! on July 09, 2020 at 12:11:35:

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: : : : "Cases are up, death rates continue to drop daily every day since May 7th"

: : : This was expected, "Spanish'Flu'" did the same thing...twice. The second wave was the worst.
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: : : Illnesses kill more people when immune systems are weakened, hence the term "flu season". It is a new flu, so until we develop resistance to it, there will be many deaths each winter.

: : : A shot would help immensely, but a vaccine may be wishful thinking. Respiratory illnesses mutate too often.

: : : If you read articles about this pandemic and the one a hundred years ago, the common fatal symptom was a "cytokine storm" where the immune system attacks healthy organs while fighting the virus. This is what causes the lung, liver, heart, kidney, and even cerebral damage that has been linked to Covid-19.

: : : The good news is, SARS-Covid-1 and Spanish Flu eventually went away, or simply blended in with the existing flu strains. Once our immune systems got used to it, it wasn't any more deadly than regular flu. This will disappear too, but at this rate, it will be a rough winter

: : keep using that word. I donít think it means what you think it means.

: Still no COVID-related deaths under the age of 18 in the state of California

The word "flu" conjures up familiarity of a sickness that is more a nuisance than deadly. Both Swine Flu and Spanish Flu were in the H1N1 category of influenza. One was more like a regular flu, the other a pandemic. But the pandemic of 1918, a flu, was more akin to Covid than the Swine Flu, in terms of effects.

The death rate is going down. We have more new cases than at any time in the winter, so deaths should be above 2500 per day as they were in April. But that isn't happening.

For all the talk how this is different from the flu, it behaves a lot like it. It becomes contagious before outward symptoms. This virus can mask itself from the immune system for a time, and is less deadly in the summer. Also, it seems to mutate often, making a vaccine unlikely.

Unlike the seasonal flu, our immune systems can't identify it as quickly, leading to cytokine storms and damage to healthy organs. But the same was true about the 1918 pandemic, a brand new virus our bodies hadn't seen before. Despite not being influenza, the only key difference is the shots for both will be administered separately. It will never be part of the flu but may exist side-by-side with it, making flu seasons twice as bad going forward.

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