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Posted by POS on June 15, 2020 at 08:38:39:

In Reply to: Re: Referee Question posted by PTowns on June 15, 2020 at 02:46:36:

: : How are referees assigned to CIF games? Are they assigned by the league or are they assigned by Southern Section? Can referees request certain games? I'm just wondering because I see a lot of the same referees in league games year after year. Does anyone screen a referee from working a game for his or her alma mater, or a game where he or she may have children or relatives playing, or at a school where he used to coach? And if a referee does a poor job or shows bias is there a way to report him or her?

: LOL Hell to the naw they don't screen them. A 3rd party handles assigning some of these trash refs and they are just trying to get these games filled. No way do they care about background checks or performance. I doubt they even do criminal background checks. Ive seen blatant racism from one of these little refs and he is still out there running around with his little legs, blowing his little whistle trying to start a riot with fans, players, and coaches. He has had a ton of complaints against him from coaches and ADs still hes allowed to control a big part of the games outcome. Also FYI the refs even get to go on a site and PICK which game they want to be assigned to. With some these refs its WWF they have already picked the winner.

Sounds like someone likes to blame the referees for their shortcomings as a coach. That's too bad. Maybe you should be more open and don't let your blatant lack of coaching and your blatant racism get in the way. Some referees do suck and have an ego problem but the best way to handle them is to adjust and try not to let them affect the outcome of the game. Because if you think that a referee already picks a winner then you are allowing yourself to be manipulated and controlled. Just like most people nowadays you feel that someone has slighted you and you feel that since you are a horrible coach that it is someone else's fault. You want to blame others and tell your team that its everyone else's fault that they are succeeding when its your fault as a coach for not being a strong role model and leader because you are too weak to look past differences in your life. You don't treat others with respect and to be honest I am sure this referee that you hate is a good guy but because you disrespected him, he is going to go out of his way to continue to disrespect you. See with referees and other people once you get a reputation of being a bad person or a bad coach then others will not give you the benefit of the doubt either. They will assume what they hear about you is true. Parents don't trust you and will not send their kids to your school. I am sure that you blame the parents for your problems too. How about change who you are as a person, stop with your racism and change your perception and maybe just maybe this referee and others will treat you with respect and things will change for you.

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