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Posted by Coach on May 22, 2020 at 17:44:50:

In Reply to: Re: CIF Guidance posted by Let's Get Real on May 22, 2020 at 14:17:47:

: : : You cannot contact trace when there are so many cases. Don't think anyone is even pretending that will happen anymore.

: : : Orange County for example just peaked yesterday for number of cases. Meanwhile more and more things are going to be opening in coming weeks.

: : : Basketball season is in the dead of winter.

: : : Schools are going to have a significant budget crisis.

: : : No sports is an easy call when focus is just having in person school at all.

: : New cases are not the best indicator of how much the virus is circulating at the moment. New hospitalizations dropping over the past weeks in CA is far more telling than fresh cases, since 80% of cases have little or no symptoms. The uptick in OC cases is likely due to more testing. Orange County was not among the hardest hit areas.

: : Deaths were up yesterday statewide, but those can be from cases contracted weeks or a month ago.

: : I agree that public schools may have little incentive to push sports, but private schools will lose students out of state if they don't at least try to play this school year. If cases and hospitalizations drop enough before flu season, contact tracing would actually be possible - but we need temperature checks as well.

: : Sierra Canyon will resume on campus classes in August, per Pollon on Twitter.

: OC Coronavirus-related deaths - 98
: OC Population - 3,179,950

: 98 divided by 3,179,950 = 0.00003%

: In other words, about one death for every 32,000 people. That's not a daily average, it's the total for this year so far.

: Like a terrible analogy used before - if you were to fill up Staples Center AND The Honda Center, and you knew one person would die, you wouldn't have a problem with:
: - canceling all school for 2 months (putting pressure on single-parent and dual income homes to immediately locate alternate child care or leave children unattended)
: - cancel youth sports at all levels
: - cancel college sports
: - cancel all professional sports leagues
: - give subsidy dollars to all tax payers that could be used to pay down the national debt, balance the budget, find a cure for COVID (or cancer, or anything else you can think of)
: - close small businesses to the point that many of them fail
: - require everyone to wear a mask whenever they are in public spaces
: - and much much more

: You wouldn't have a problem doing this to save one life, right?

: Well guess what - you already have. And don't think you're going to just freely get all your prior civil liberties back either. Remember the last time you went to the airport? Bin Laden is dead but everyone is still taking off their shoes last time I checked.

: It's time to stop this madness and re-open the world. Wash your hands and stay 6 feet away from other people. Wear a mask if you want. But whatever you do, make sure you remember all of this in November, and thank your elected officials with an appropriate vote.

: And since this is a girls basketball forum, let me leave you with this: Number of deaths in Orange County aged 25 or under = ZERO

: You're welcome.
I take it you are under 25?

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