Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools

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Posted by Let's Get Real on May 15, 2020 at 08:37:45:

In Reply to: Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools posted by hedleylamarr on May 14, 2020 at 15:30:02:

: I can tolerate others peoples opinions fine. I have a real problem with Internet pseudo-hard guys thinking they know more than everyone else, and passing their opinions off like they are God. I didn't give an opinion, wise guy, I just disagreed with yours, and that's your problem

Really? Here's some of your posts over the last few days:

"I had NO idea we had so many doctors and experts in virology posting regularly on here...People who invariably can't predict outcomes of HS girls basketball games are now giving us all advice on when we should go outside, comparing this pandemic which has taken 70K lives in 6 weeks to the seasonal flu, telling us we need to get on with our lives. You have convinced me, all of you. I'm now going to find a blog that contains only doctors, and ask them about HS girls basketball. I think I"ll treat all of that advice about as seriously as I'm treating all of yours...........let's stay in our lanes, and let the experts handle this crisis."

"LOL at fairly harmless virus. Sports will be the last thing to come back since there is so much exposure to so many people. We should all just get real and stick to basketball."

"Pontificate all you want, your opinion on this topic means jack. People much smarter than me, and certainly much smarter than you, will make these decisions as to when it is safe to return. If you want to be involved in such decisions, if you are so evolved that you think you can tell everyone that it's safe because you say it is, then, by all means go work for the Governor's office, and let the basketball coaches coach, and talk about the sport we love. Your responses prove you only care about yourself, and have no respect for either others opinions, or their lives. Better yet, go work for Trump, you'll fit right in."

"Difference is, I KNOW my opinion on this topic means jack. 81K people have died, and over a million are infected, but, hey, let's listen to you over the experts. Fauci issued a dire warning today not to re-open too soon. But, again, you seem to know more.....let's open up all the schools in August, when it may not be safe, so selfish people, like you, can go back to work. Then, let's watch it spike, we close down again, and we miss basketball season. I'll come back here then, but you'll be hiding. It is an even smaller man, who, when confronted with science and numbers, refuses to look at them because he's a selfish jerk who wants to sacrifice lives so he can get his hair cut!"

There's definitely an Internet pseudo-hard guy at work here. I heard a lot of you telling people what to do in those comments, and I heard a lot of opinions too. I don't mind an honest debate, but just like Walt all you want to do is tear down someone who has an opinion that is different than yours. You have wrecked your own credibility. I speak for a lot of people, whether they feel like coming on these forums to deal with your abuse or not. And by the way, no one is stopping you from talking about basketball. If that's really what you want to do, have at it.

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