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Posted by Walt Flanagan's Dog on May 07, 2020 at 14:59:06:

In Reply to: Re: Stop reading Nat Review and watching OAN posted by Coach on May 07, 2020 at 08:21:09:

: A few points about the "numbers".
: 1. Doctors have been trained to only list as cause of death that which they are 100% certain the cause of death. They are now being told that if a patient has tested positive and COVID-19 may have contributed to their death, to list it as the cause. If a patient has not been tested but it is reasonable that they may have died from COVID-19, then list it as the cause of death. Do a search, there are literally dozens of doctors nationwide complaining about this.

***That's a false conspiracy theory.


: 2. Hospitals are getting government funding for every COVID-19 case they treat, including extra money for every death.

**No. This is a bastardization of the actual process.

Medicare will indeed pay more for a Covid-19 patient. However, that patient has to test positive in a laboratory test. The rational is that Covid-19 patients are costing hospitals more money than those that are under the same billing code. Currently there is no separate billing code for Covid-19


: 3. Three separate studies (probably more now) have concluded that for every official positive test there are 50-80 that have or have had COVID-19. That means that the infected number is 60 to 100 million. The studies were done by the Santa Clara County Health Department with Stanford University, Los Angeles County Health Department, and the CDC Atlanta.

**Yes, and fellow Stanford researchers found the study to be quite flawed. First, the subjects were self selected, and that right there makes the sample invalid if you want to apply the numbers to the general population. Secondly, the errors for false positives and negatives they used were incorrect (due to the manufacturer.)
And if you used their methodology, then 12 million New Yorkers would have had the virus. But there are only 8 million people living in New York.


: 4. On April 25th, a lot of people disregarded social distancing and stay at home to go to the beach. Our governor was quite displeased. Notice that a few days later for several days we were getting test results back the number of which was double that of anything done before. This was an attempt to make it look like the virus had exploded so the governor could say "I told you so." Just one problem: Despite more than double the tests, the positive results stayed the same or went down.
: https://occovid19.ochealthinfo.com/coronavirus-in-oc

**According to the site you supplied, there was a huge spike four to six days after that incident.


: The most important point about this disease is it isn't going to go away after time. There is no "staying in quarantine until it passes". There are two ways to "beat" it. Herd Immunity and/or a Vaccine. I think it's pretty obvious we can't stay in lockdown until there's a vaccine and as long as we're in lockdown we won't get anything close to herd immunity.

**Herd immunity isn't going to happen unless you simply accept that you are just actually thinning the herd. The optimistic minimum number for herd immunity would be for almost 270 million Americans to get the virus and survive. And even if that happens, we know almost nothing about how much protection one gets from the antibodies--a some weeks, some months? We don't know.

And we haven't been in an actual quarantine, and very few are proposing that.

Walt's Dog

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