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Posted by Coach on May 02, 2020 at 23:16:11:

In Reply to: Re: Team awards question for coaches posted by Our Solution on May 02, 2020 at 09:17:24:

: : : : : What is your definition of the Coach’s or Coaches award for you? What does it mean to you?

: : : : We don't do a "Coach's Award". It doesn't send a proper message in our minds. We have 2 non-performance awards each year.

: : : : Best Teammate Award which is voted on by players only.
: : : : Leadership Award which is selected by the coaches.

: :
: : : : We stopped giving out team awards all together. Only awards given are those that players earned from all League, All CIF or from tournaments. Our Athletic Department found too many problems and complaints from parents accusing coaches of favoritism, not being fair, popularity contests and bullying name it...and we had problems during the banquets with parents causing problems when their kid didn't get awards. It has been great. No more issues. We give out all league awards. The all tournament awards..and no problems with parents are kids complaining or getting their feelings hurt.

: : That's too bad because it is great to recognize those who may not always get the all-league awards but I am glad to hear that you have had positive results. What happens to the 4th best scorer who scored 6 points, grabbed 3-4 boards but consistently guarded the best player or took the most charges. Most coaches don't play favorites, players earn playing time and accolades based on what the team needs. Every player has a chance to do those things but not all can. Just like not all of them can score at a high clip.

: They get recognized by us and we talk about their accomplishments in our speeches that we give about every kid. We make sure they get recognized...they just don't gat a little medal or piece of paper that says it. And that goes a lot further than getting a plaque that 5 other kids on your team could have gotten

We give MVP and Most Improved awards. No coaches award. Instead we give Most Supportive Teammate Award based on instances of care and support that the whole team observed and that is mentioned along with other reminders of the player or team manager's contribution to their teammates and the team. Our team managers have the same opportunity to be recognized as players. They do a lot and many coaches commend us after a game for all the things they do for our team, score keeping, shot charts for both teams, stats, still photography, video photography, security and more. We don't just say something off the cuff about a player or manager, we write it ahead of time so its meaningful for them, as the experience in being part of the team is meaningful for them so we take the time to salute them like a lot of coaches. And we have a lot of students on our team every year. We also respect our opponents and each other and parents know that so they respect us coaches. Also I buy a small gift and wrap it for each of our two captains as a thank you. And then an added bonus they like our prize table where each player and manager has a drawing ticket to win a free prize they select from the table! There are nice prizes...I buy a few gift cards for $10 and place each in unmarked envelope, buy a few things from Dollar Tree and some local business and chamber donate a few gifts so every student walks out of the banquet with a team shirt, prize, colorful team certificate with team photo and IDs, a few win an award like I mentioned. And the cost of this? $0. The parents bring a feast of food and drinks because they know every team member will get to stand in front and be recognized and have fun.
Like the idea of the post about non performance award. Good! Stay well!

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