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Posted by bimunflfbb on May 02, 2020 at 06:14:05:

In Reply to: Re: America, posted by Team 'Murica on March 19, 2020 at 03:13:34:

: : : : : : We are no longer the "Land of the Free". We've allowed our government to turn us into the "Land of the Frightened". We are allowing our 1st amendment right to assemble peaceably to be taken away. The fear is KILLING our economy. A depressed economy will KILL way more people than this little virus will ever do. I'll be okay. However, all you peeps that live paycheck to paycheck better find a big tit to suckle on.

: : : : : You think you'll be okay because you think you are healthy and young enough to not be affected. The truth is the virus can affect you. I know people in Italy and they have told me of 20/30 year old friends/acquaintances they have that are hospitalized or passed away when they didnt have any issues beforehand. Yeah it might not be 2% like the older population but even .01% should be too high for you to take things lightly. And maybe you arent that great at math but .01% is 1 person out of a ten thousand. Assuming you are a sports fan and say go to a Lakers game where 20000 people may be in attendance. So if 2 people that went to the game died that would be okay?

: : : : Yes, it's okay. It's time to thin the herd. Only the strong survive. Let evolution reign. Out with the weak. Let's move this society forward!

: : : Get busy living or get busy dying.

: : Give me liberty or give me death.

: The "let everyone get infected to thin the herd" idea may get a bit out of control if it kills 7 million. That's 2% of our nation's population. There aren't enough places to bury the dead, and mass cremations would become commonplace. I hear it's a smell that turns people vegan.

: That's not considering the millions who would be living with permanent lung damage and the tens of millions seriously ill who would need to be isolated. The death rates would go up once there aren't enough respirators for everyone.

: Other facets of health care would suffer as doctors would focus mostly on Coronavirus patients, many hospitals would not have the ability to prevent other critical patients from being exposed to Covid-19 when faced with such a large volume of cases at once. Any other patients would be turned away. "Have fun passing those kidney stones! Rub some vaseline up there to help you. Come in only when you have total renal failure."

: Another thing to consider is the death rate of young people would go up if the volume of infected people in society continues to rise. More people spreading a larger concentration of germs seems to overwhelm the immune systems of even healthy young people.

: The doctor who discovered Covid-19 died from it, as the virus is somewhat airborne in close quarters and more dangerous when in large concentrations. Whenever a tube is inserted though a patient's throat, a fine mist containing the virus escapes. Most medical masks do not protect against this.

: By the way, every other sensible country in the world is taking similar measures...if we fail to do so our economy would collapse as the rest of Earth would cut us off and rightfully divest themselves from our markets. Mexico would end up building a wall, with donations from Central and South America.

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