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Posted by Standardized Testing on May 01, 2020 at 01:22:44:

In Reply to: Re: Games with empty stands. posted by Quarantine the sick on April 30, 2020 at 15:44:29:

: : Games with no parents in the stands; a dream of high school coaches for decades!

: Common sense
: Quarantine the sick
: Don't Quarantine the healthy
: When this is all said and done, it will come out that those exposed to the virus will be a number closer to 80-85% making mortality rates infinitesimal.
: Our immune systems are currently not being able to do what they are made to do and may cause more damage down the road than what we are "experiencing" right now.

And how, pray tell, do you proposed to distinguish the "sick" from those who aren't "sick"?

Oh yeah, with testing. The testing that we are simply unable to do right now. While Herr Trump continues to spout rosy drivel about how we're "far ahead of other nations when it comes to testing" that's nonsense.

The estimates now from CDC and NIH is that even with new Abbot Labs "quick tests" we can only test about 250,000-500,000 people a day, and that's on a good day. When the states are all "re-opened" and there's no more "safeer at home" going on, even if we could test every many, woman and child in the country on the same day, we'd still have those testing positive continuing to shed the virus on those who aren't yet infected, and we cannot stop the virus.

You do understand that there is no natural immunity to this virus; it's NOT the common cold, and it's not the flu. There is no vaccine and won't be for at least a year, and that's if we are lucky.

Think about all the viruses for which there is no vaccine. Despite decades of trying, there are still no vaccines against viruses that kill tens of millions of people and cause untold suffering every year: HIV, respiratory syncytial virus, and the cancer-causing Epstein-Barr virus. And the list is a mile long.

There are many reasons why, including how hard it is to identify the exact piece of an antigen that will trigger production of an effective antibody. And even when vaccines exist, they fail when B cells donít rearrange their DNA segments in a way necessary to manufacture the needed antibodies.

The point is, our world is changed now forever unless and until we have a viable vaccine. This virus will continue to come in waves and will keep on killing all over the world until scientists can figure out a way to neutralize it. Just like science did with polio.

Trump can blame China; we can blame the Trump administration for wasting months doing nothing; you can blame bats, claim that it came out of a lab in Wuhan, or that it's a military or terriorist attack gone horribly wrong.

Whatever the truth (or the conspiracy theory du jour), none of that matters now. It's here. It's going to stay. And our world and we will have to adapt to it, or many among us will be vulnerable and suffer and die.

That's no "the sky is falling." It's the cold, hard truth slapping us in the face, and no amount of aspirational talk from politicians, or talk about "freedom", or the Constitution, courts, or nonsense about restricting the powers of state governments to declare public health emergencies, is going to change this.

Only testing and ultimately the development of a vaccine will let us return to life as we once knew it.

Basketball is a game, a diversion, entertainment and recreation for most. Other than professional players who earn their living from it (and those parts of the economy that are tied to the game, which is, on this message board, the majority), it's not something that most of the world population is willing to get sick and die over.

If you want to see a leader who understands the math and the science of how we survive the pandemic and keep the infection and re-infection numbers at a level that keeps the virus from multiplying beyond our capacity to treat people, watch the link below.

It's the general population staying home that is keeping the "curve" down. Re-opening is a huge mistake, and while it may temporarily boost the economy and give people who can't earn a living sitting at a computer something constructive to do, it's also going to spread the virus and lead to yet more reasons to go back to staying at home again.

You want to only quarantine the "sick"? Good luck finding out who those people are....This is why those who know are saying the only way we can get ahead of this is to test, test, and test some more. Otherwise, we have no idea who is infected and who isn't.

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