Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools

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Posted by POS on April 29, 2020 at 23:05:44:

In Reply to: Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools posted by fan on April 29, 2020 at 21:20:45:

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : You are wrong! Just like the common cold and the flu there will never be a cure for this virus.

: : : : : : : There is no such thing as "the"common cold virus. Some viruses are problems that get solved, some do not.

: : : : : : : The case fatality rate is still very high for this virus, and there is still no treatment or vaccine, and we still don't know the effectiveness of the antibodies after someone has suffered from the virus.

: : : : : : : But I get it--science is hard.

: : : : : : : Walt's Dog

: : : : : : Both of you make sense in ways and both but both of you are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

: : : : : : POS: The above poster said schools won't take the liability and thats why there won't be sports. Bottom line if you were a school admin would you want that risk. Hell no. It prob will be safe but all it takes is one and its over. Period. You are correct about the mass panic and CNN watching. Its a joke. This is a virus that is no more dangerous than the flu. Bottom line is millions of people have or had it and most have no symptoms so don't get counted for having it. My cousin is a doctor and thinks 50 million already had it. Bottom line is the death rate is so much lower than accounted for due to all the people who don't get tested.

: : : : : : Walt:
: : : : : : Influenza is the common cold and it kills 88k per year in US. Absolutely no fear of this and no paralysis like Corona. Corona is also a flu but since there are red tapes on CNN and 24 hour panic coverage it is designed to keep everyone afraid and not going out. So doctors can have the hospitals in control. Well done! Its worked. Yes its bad but nowhere near how they are playing it out to be. Bottom line if they had a ticker tape for all the deaths of influenza and a running count all year the public would stay home also and not send their kids to school. You of all people should know that the case fatality rate is nowhere close to the 3% based on the above facts. More like .00003%. Yes its a virus and yes no cure but the panic and economic depression doesn't meet the panic.

: : : : : There's no question that as we learn more about this virus we are learning that the fatality rates are well below 1%. Many cases are not being diagnosed because the symptoms are so mild the victim does not even realize they are sick. The virus appears to be relatively fragile and does not travel far through the air or survive long without a host. Most health professionals have said that social distancing and washing hands is all that is needed for most people who are not in high risk categories, not masks and self-quarantine. Once enough people believe this, or once the cost of staying home and hiding under the couch gets to be too high, this silliness will end and we'll all get back to work and school and basketball. Professional sports are already exploring options to do this, and once they do society will follow. This is not the end of the world. You heard it here first.

: : : : So maybe Golf and Tennis can carry on for example, but how would basketball work when distancing is required to eliminate the spread of the virus? Or are you saying it's okay to spread the virus via basketball?

: : : I am saying there is a real chance that a player could contract the virus IF they had close contact with another player who had the virus, however the consequences of contracting the virus would be minimal, about like catching a cold. There are really no significant deaths of healthy, fit teenagers being documented due to COVID-19. Most victims are weak elderly people with preexisting health disorders. Those in high risk categories should continue to shelter at home and should not attend high school basketball games.

: : So in your scenario. Covid Player A lives with a young healthy single mom in a nice home but has no symptoms but passes it to teammate and/or opponent or Ref, etc. That teammate/opponent/Ref lives in 6 member household that spans 3 generations with 1 that works in a busy office building and another in a hospital and retired grandparents that are just home all day, 1 gets ICU sick and another dies. When they trace it back to their bball player who traces back to that Covid Player A, is the school liable or that player or nobody? They want wrongful dealth $ and pay their ICU medical bills <--there lies the problem. US is a very I will sue you mentality.

: Under the above scenario, the same thing could happen if those students were in school without sports. If school reopens, there is no way students will stay 6 feet apart. They could go to school and bring something home to the 3 generation family without playing in a single game. Therefore, if schools reopen there should be games played.

Jesus Christ, do you all want to stay home and work from home or do you want your lives back? Do you want to go out to the movies or the beach? Have a great dinner and drinks at a restaurant? Because we are coming up to 2 months of lockdown and if you all keep talking like this and follow our "leaders" in power then we will never take a step forward.

You don't think there will be a plan for schools when we reopen? Staggered starting times for kids. School will have to be from 8 am until 5 pm or later. Make it to where each classroom as 18 or less students at a time. Do temperature checks throughout the day and there is any illness that kid can't go to school. There has to be interaction but try to restrict contact as much as we can during school but it would be up to the kids to practice social distancing.

As for sports, if a school doesn't want to participate in sports then they can opt out but kids should be allowed to transfer to schools that are going to participate in sports without the mandatory 30-day sit out. Schools that want to do sports must play at least 1/4 of the mandatory schedule. So for basketball its 28 games so that means at least 7 games to be eligible for the playoffs. Teams will still be placed in a division by CIF but if a division doesn't have at least 50% participation then teams will be moved up or down depending on competitive equality. If a school that is participating in sports were to have an outbreak of Covid-19 then that school must stop all operations until deemed safe. But there will be no forfeits counted against the school and if everything is deemed safe then that school can reopen and their sports can continue their season.

As for social distancing during a sporting event for spectators depending on regular attendance can set a limitation on how many can attend. If let's say 1,000 spectators attend a game then restrict it to 500 but it would be up to the spectators to keep social distancing.

As for the athletes, constant temperature checks and limitations on practice and contact with others must be done. Either by limiting the amount of kids that can practice at one time to non-contact drills. This would be tough but if a kid is deemed healthy then then can play.

As for a game, kids can wear face masks to cover their mouths and faces. Halftimes must be at least 20-30 minutes to allow for health checks. Contact sports athletes like football and basketball must be allowed to substituted out for health checks. If a kid plays a whole game without at least 2 checks not including timeouts, period breaks or halftime then that team can be forced into forfeiting the contest. Teams with 12 or more players must practice social distancing on their benches. With less spectators then there should be more bench spacing for players and staff. If schools and sports programs can not meet these requirements and guidelines then CIF or the state of California can deem a school ineligible to participate in sports. No teams from Southern California are allowed to travel out of state for games or tournaments. Teams that do schedule games must make sure that schools meet the guidelines set by CIF or the state of California.

Coaches, administration, teachers, staff and especially parents must monitor their kids health. If a parent sends a sick kid with Covid-19 to school then that parent is on the hook for everything. We as school staff and coaches can only do so much. Parents need to be held accountable. If that is a problem and a risk that you don't want to take then simply don't let your kids play sports.

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