Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools

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Posted by POS on April 29, 2020 at 08:30:13:

In Reply to: Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools posted by UMM on April 28, 2020 at 23:28:38:

: : :,,,Im sure they are not missing COVID deaths and are missing millions of actual people with COVID for the reasons I have stated

: : Well there's a good chance that you're wrong. You are making a whole lot of assumptions that don't seem justified.

: : The number of cases could indeed be under-counted, but also the number of deaths could be under-counted as well.

: : New York city has seen 0.15% of its entire population die of Covid-19. That's not 0.15% of those who tested positive, that's of the entire population. That's still 5,000 times that number of 0.00003% listed earlier in this thread. Of those who have been confirmed to have the virus in New York, 7.7% have passed.

: : Walt's Dog

: 8.4 million in NYC

: 12k deaths

: 10 percent of pop 840k

: 1percent 84k

: so yes its .15%.. Not sure what that has to do with the actual death rate percentage of actual people with coron virus to their death. It says 162k people in NYC have been tested positive for coronavirus. Anyone as smart as you knows the true number is more like at least 1 million for all the people with no symptoms or minor symptoms the did not gt tested by choice or because of not enough testing. so in my book its at least 1.5-2 million people with COVID or that had it, not 150k and 12k people dead. YOU CANT BE THAT NAIVE TO THINK THAT IS THE ACTUAL DEATH RATE. I know you are much smarter and wiser than that. Your 7.7 RATE IS OF THOSE WHO TESTED POSITIVE. ONLY THE SICKEST OF THE SICK OR THE REALLY RICH GET TESTED. 90 percent of the people who get it don't get tested and there is no record

Awwww...don't pick on Walt...looks like math is hard for him. Either that or he is trying some common core math. Poor Walt, keep trying to spin those numbers into your favor though.

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