Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools

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Posted by Wrong.... on April 28, 2020 at 21:17:11:

In Reply to: Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools posted by Walt Flanagan's Dog on April 28, 2020 at 20:19:14:

: : Both of you make sense in ways and both but both of you are on opposite sides of the spectrum.

: : POS: The above poster said schools won't take the liability and thats why there won't be sports. Bottom line if you were a school admin would you want that risk. Hell no. It prob will be safe but all it takes is one and its over. Period. You are correct about the mass panic and CNN watching. Its a joke. This is a virus that is no more dangerous than the flu. Bottom line is millions of people have or had it and most have no symptoms so don't get counted for having it. My cousin is a doctor and thinks 50 million already had it. Bottom line is the death rate is so much lower than accounted for due to all the people who don't get tested.

: : Walt:
: : Influenza is the common cold and it kills 88k per year in US. Absolutely no fear of this and no paralysis like Corona. Corona is also a flu but since there are red tapes on CNN and 24 hour panic coverage it is designed to keep everyone afraid and not going out. So doctors can have the hospitals in control. Well done! Its worked. Yes its bad but nowhere near how they are playing it out to be. Bottom line if they had a ticker tape for all the deaths of influenza and a running count all year the public would stay home also and not send their kids to school. You of all people should know that the case fatality rate is nowhere close to the 3% based on the above facts. More like .00003%. Yes its a virus and yes no cure but the panic and economic depression doesn't meet the panic.

: Your estimate of yearly deaths from the flu is over twice as much as what it is.

: Covid-19 is not an influenza virus. In fact, it is a novel virus, which means we have no natural antibodies built up to fight the virus. We do have some natural antibodies for the family of flu viruses.

: And I have no idea where you come up with the number for the case fatality rate.That's nowhere near what it is. Right now it's almost at 5.7%--which is over nineteen thousand times higher than your figure.

: Also, the family of Covid-17 viruses are more transmissible than the flu viruses.

: As of today, we've surpassed the one millionth case. We've also passed the 58,000 deaths mark. So as many Americans have died of Covid-19 in a month and a half as died in the entire Vietnam war. And there's no shortage of speculation that the actual number of deaths is still under-counted.

Would you agree that there are smany cases undiagnosed because of no symptoms or no testing. Do you really think that the number of cases isn't at least 5 times the amount it is? You would have to be really dumb to think that there aren't millions of cases undiagnosed due to either lack of testing or no reason to get tested. so lets just say you multiply the number of cases by 5. It probably is more like 50. The death rate simply cant be the same. For every person that dies there is a cause of death. Im sure they are not missing COVID deaths and are missing millions of actual people with COVID for the reasons I have stated

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