Re: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools

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Posted by POS on April 28, 2020 at 10:02:49:

In Reply to: The real problem for restarting sports in high schools posted by Covid19 on April 28, 2020 at 09:09:33:

: The real issue as to whether there will be sports at the high school level next academic year is risk. Can you imagine the law suit that will be filed by the parent of an athlete who contracts coronavirus in the gym or on the football field. Of course no one will really know where the infection was contracted but the school district said that athletics was safe and my child is now on a ventilator. I can not imagine any legal counsel for any school district will be willing to sign off on such a risky endeavor as allowing sports the begin again. I believe that herd immunity is years off and isolation is here to stay until such times as a viable vaccine is available for everyone. I wish I was wrong and maybe I am, but I don't think so.

You are wrong! Just like the common cold and the flu there will never be a cure for this virus. We will just have to live and move on with life. If someone gets sick then its on them. But we can not let a flu bug control our lives. Idiots like you are the reason we are in this situation and people are in a panic. I wish you all could be adults but I guess not. We are in a society where everyone believes whatever the media is shoveling. So many of you, can and choose not to think for yourselves. You have to be told what to think or what to do. Just look at everyone buying toilet paper. Everyone is still going crazy for toilet paper and its has been almost 2 months since we have been on lockdown. What the industrial 32 roll pack of toilet paper is running low already??

But everyone keeps doing whatever they are told to do on Facebook or by the media. Its so funny that we as a society has come to this. We as a society are getting stupider and stupider by the day. If we go against the status quo then we are the idiots or the uneducated. I just don't get you fear mongering people. If you want to be sheep then stay inside, don't let your kids play sports and just hide. We don't need you in this world. We need leaders, free thinkers, people that want to make things better and not people that will just follow along. Without sports how can kids learn to be the skills and traits to be leaders, to work with others, to think and react in a split second.

Everyone is worried about lawsuits and what could happen when we have no clue about tomorrow. So stop worrying about what you can't control. Stop thinking that life will never get back to normal. This is the things that really piss me off seeing our society come to being controlled by something we can't see. Being told that millions of us are going to be infected or die in California when in fact its not even close to that.

Before you say well we flattened the curve by staying indoors and social distancing. Go to a grocery store, Costco, Walmart...thousands of people are there every day. 40,000 people were at Newport Beach this weekend. That's about how many people goto a Dodger game on average. Oh my God!! 40,000 people, just think about how many could be infected now and doubling, oh the panic!! Just grow up!!

But still here we are still worried that 6 months from now we may not be playing sports. If you are so worried about this virus, then just keep living in your bubble, watching CNN and looking at scenic pictures on your Instagram.

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