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Posted by Mr. Hankey on April 13, 2020 at 18:41:24:

In Reply to: Re: The Virus posted by POS on April 13, 2020 at 15:50:10:

: Site your information and how you come up with your numbers. Show me how you got 80% of the would show little to no symptoms and 10 million people would show severe symptoms. You can't because it all in your head. You are speculating like you know that it's true. Your numbers and information have no base nor are they to be true. Just some random number that you came up with. You go around telling your friends, family and co-workers your little end of the world scenario and numbers just to make yourself look as if you are smarter than everyone else. Well all it does is show how full of B/S you really are. If you have on proof or information to back up your claims then don't share it because there will be someone like myself that will and would have proved you wrong.

: You are probably one of those people that enjoy this kind of stuff. You love doomsday scenarios like whenever the "big one" finally hits California you can go to all of your friends and say, "I told you so!!" "Look I was right for a change!!" Aren't you. You know nothing and you speak nonsense. I was out driving around yesterday since I can still do that and I counted maybe 200 people out and about in my area. 200 people walking around and getting some fresh air and exercise. Out of the 200 I saw maybe about 40% of them outside without a mask on. Nothing covering their faces at all. If we believe your information and numbers then all of those people would be infected with Coronavirus because they didn't wear a mask covering their faces. I am willing to bet that not a single one of them will get the virus let alone a sniffle because all of the numbers and nonsense being spread by the media and people like you are false.

: I looked today and my city had zero new cases. The cities around me since I have 3 other cities within a mile or two of where I live all have seen the number of cases decrease. Hopefully the decrease is due to people getting healthy and not dying. But as you can see, no there is no doubling going on.

: Los Angeles County on April 11th there were 456 new cases of the virus. On April 12th, 323 new cases and so far today, 239 new cases. I believe we are supposed to hit our peak on Thursday if I heard the news right. So even though new cases are coming by the hundreds there is no doubling of any kind the number of new cases are decreasing. So your doomsday scenario isn't happening. You can continue to sit in your parent's basement, pardon me, your lair or is it your command center? Anyways, you can sit there and come out with a new end of the world scenario but until then just keep it to yourself.

: Even if we were to re-open our communities tomorrow most of the smart people would still work at home and continue to practice social distancing. Kids are home so that means that parents would have to watch their kids so that means at least one parent stays home and can work from home too. So no matter what happens we as a society will adjust or behavior accordingly. That's how we evolved as a society and a species to the point we are at now. This virus will not defeat us nor will it have a lasting effect. It will be a footnote in our history.


Now can you cite anything, other than the Ledger Report and One America News? Newt Gingrich doesn't count either.

South Korea's numbers are the only true scientific sample the world has to go by. 9k cases out of the first 360k tested, 1.3k were serious or fatal(~200 deaths). The death rate is much lower, as most of those deaths weren't test subjects, only being tested after death.

This article lists many studies on the number of asymptomatic/mild symptom cases:


It is interesting that there are fewer asymptomatic cases on cruise ships and in Wuhan, but if anything that points to the Virus being more deadly in areas where it and people are highly concentrated.

You said it was an overreaction to shut everything down, but also say "most smart people would work at home" if the country were re-opened today. So, send everybody else out there (mostly blue-collar workers), knowing that social distancing would be impractical/impossible for the majority of the American population? Sounds like a "let them eat cake" solution, except the cake is Corona. 41 NY Transit workers were dead as of 4/7, with half of the workers calling in sick. That was 18 days after NY shut down. Now the essential workers have to crowd into trains that are running a reduced schedule.

Obviously the doomsday numbers are theoretical, the "256M from 1M in 7 weeks" is to spotlight the transmission rate of this virus. A higher transmission rate means a longer lockdown is needed to prevent a rapid resurgence. But the good news is, even NYC will be open with few restrictions by June. Large gatherings may take longer.

A two-three month shutdown is preferable to the Orwellian scenario that would play out after a virus rips through neighborhoods without the means or healthcare options to fight it. You don't want to see a Patriot Act designed to fight this unseen enemy. Thank Governor Newsom, for being able to count 200 people walking around your area, many without facemasks, as they feel secure in knowing the Virus didn't reach them before the shutdown.

Back to my Doomsday Danny side, LA is at far greater risk from a 6.5-7.2 shallow depth quake on the Whittier fault than any Big One from San Andreas, mainly due to liquefaction near the mouth of the LA River. But we can rest assured our fine state will never run out of asswipe, providing your diploma mill college keeps handing out degrees to burgeoning intellectuals such as yourself.

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