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Posted by POS on April 13, 2020 at 14:45:54:

In Reply to: Math is hard. posted by Walt Flanagan's Dog on April 12, 2020 at 19:52:16:

: : I don't care what its called all you are doing is spreading a bunch of B/S and spreading it thick!!First of all 256 million is a big number...

: Basically what you are saying is "that can't happen because I don't understand the math and the problem just seems inconceivable to me."

: That's not really sound reasoning. We are now seeing a second wave in some countries. We have not reached the top of a first wave. There will be no vaccine for at least a year. We currently have no natural antibodies to this virus and no proven effective treatment. If we re-open too soon, that 256 million number could happen pretty easily. It would take 9 weeks if it continues to double at the rate it has been doubling. Hopefully it will slow down considerably, but that hasn't happened yet.

: Walt's Dog

Hey Walt or whoever the F you are. I went to high school and college. I know what that asshat was saying and understand math perfectly. You honestly think that 256 million people would have or could become infected from this virus? Think about that for a minute. We are not in the Bubonic Plague era where millions upon millions died because of unsanitary conditions and fleas on rats. We can point at Spanish Flu back in 1918 as our last pandemic where 500 million were infected worldwide and anywhere between 20 and 50 million people died. Out of all of those deaths 675,000 were here in the United States.

What I am getting at is we have changed a society. We have great and available health care, we mostly live in better housing and everything is moderately sanitary. For a virus to infect 256 million people I find that very hard to believe. You all can sit here and believe the media and think that the world is ending. You are all probably hoarding toilet paper until the year 2022 too. You all are the problem. You are not free thinker and you believe everything you hear on the news or read on Facebook.

Wake the hell up and look at what I shared. Not even 1% of the United States population is infected and not even one ten thousandth of a percentage point has died but we are freaking out because people that control our lives tells us too. Have you two been to a grocery store lately? Have you seen the idiots still going there looking for toilet paper at 7 am and clearing the shelves of everything they can hoard I mean buy? Its insane that people of our society has fallen for this "pandemic" hook, line and sinker, including the both of you.

I might come on here and talk my nonsense but don't think for a moment that I don't know what I am talking about. I come on here to keep you idiots in check so you don't spread misinformation or think that your opinions should be held in high regard. Most of the time Walt or whoever you are, you are pretty spot on, so I always give you a pass but today you don't know what you are talking about.

If I am wrong about something I would be the first to admit it unlike most of you what would come up with another line of reasoning or an excuse. I always speak the truth and I hardly ever lie.

But like my numbers just looking at what's going on with this virus I find it very hard for it to infect 256 million, let alone 20 million here in California. The numbers aren't there just like anybody trying to figure out the power point profiles for all of the teams in the Southern Section, their information will be wrong and it doesn't add up.

So you believe what you want and I will believe what I want. But don't ever think that someone is uneducated or doesn't know what they are talking about. I might be a POS on here but at least I can back up what I talk about. I don't have to use some B/S exponential growth chart showing others some BIG number that will never happen just to scare others or show that I took high school math. I look and I read and I find the information for myself rather than listen to others speculate or think that they know the right answer when their answers are wrong but they still go about spreading misinformation like a wildfire. If want to shut me up come back with actual facts and information about what is happening until then, don't speak or spread misinformation because all that will happen is you will make yourself look like an idiot.

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