Re: Will there be HS sports next school year?

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Posted by coach on April 12, 2020 at 09:22:50:

In Reply to: Re: Will there be HS sports next school year? posted by Wow on April 10, 2020 at 10:19:03:

: : : : Surprised no one talking about this, and I am surprised people are still posting Summer tournaments.

: : : : Fall sports I believe have little chance of happening, it's just too soon and if/when schools reopen the focus will be on everything besides sports. Winter is flu season and most likely time for a second wave of the virus to hit. Can't imagine schools bussing teams of players to other schools 2-3 times a week. Spring could have a small chance if all goes right (early vaccine, etc) but at that point might as well skip all sports for the year. Most districs will be happy to save the money.

: : : : Thoughts?

: : : I have the same line of thought as you. IF IF IF there is even an ATTEMPT at in person school in Aug/Sept, there surely will not be ANY extra curricular activities, no clubs, choir, drama, sports, anything that keeps the school in charge longer than just the normal academic school day.

: : I would be surprised if things aren't mostly back to normal by then. If you look at the numbers and understand how infection rate and all that works, you'd calculate that everyone will be infected and recovered by then. The disease is considered to be an R0=2 or 3 which means the infected number doubles or triples daily. But thanks to social distancing and the quarantine we've slowed that by about 1/5. Which means the number of infected is doubling or tripling every 5 days or so. At that rate, the disease will have run its course by the end of May.

: : It is just simple math. Currently it is estimated (very conservatively) that between 1 to 3 million Americans are or have been infected. Using the low of 1 million, double that number every 6 days for 48 days and on May 28th you have
: : Today: 1 million
: : 6 days - 2 million
: : 12 days - 4 million
: : 18 days - 8 million
: : 24 days - 16 million
: : 30 days - 32 million
: : 36 days - 64 million
: : 42 days - 128 million
: : 48 days - 256 million

: Just loons. We will easily be back by August, if not sooner. No way are these stats even close to what is going to happen. Again. Loons
THERE WILL BE SPORTS... If they are in classes with 38 people sitting 3 inches from each other for 6 hours, why not add games????? UNLESS we continue online learning....What say you??

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