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Posted by Its really simple on April 07, 2020 at 20:38:58:

In Reply to: Re: Bringing Freshman to Varsity posted by Coach on April 07, 2020 at 19:18:15:

: : : : : : Ok. Yesterday I started a thread that I want to start everyday where coaches can talk about coaching situations, strategies, and other things that go on with Girls Basketball coaches. One person replied. So lets try day two.

: : : : : : QUestion:
: : : : : : You have an incoming freshman that is good enough to play varsity but probably will not be in your top 8 or 9 rotation. Do you bring them up or do you keep them on the JV level to get playing time. Lets here your opinions, and any special circumstances that would determine your decision.

: : : : : I've seen these scenarios alot over my 15years. Those Coaches that are on the side of having that player up to groom them, because they want them to in essence waste a high school year in order to learn their system/style, think the player can develop by watching vs playing. That Coach has a tremendous ego and over estimates themselves. They have no regard or realization that players want to play the game, not watch the game. Let the player play down a level and get minutes/experience. I've seen the lower level starter often outperform the higher team player that was supposedly being groomed the next season. Why? Because said EGO Coaches often spend little time with the #10-12 players on the team because they are not in the rotation and during the heat of league or a big tournament, they are focused on winning now, but in the fall they are thinking we can waste their 1st year and they will be ready to go their 2nd year. To each their own right, each has their program and run it the way they want, but I've rarely seen a player that got to start and play a majority of the minutes not be able to adapt the following season but I've seen plenty of times where the #10-12 young player that rarely got in the game, still struggle after a year of "grooming".

: : : : I'm new to coaching in California and am at the middle school level here. In my home state a player was limited to playing 4 quarters (excepting overtime) a day. If a frosh was in the top 6 and would see playing time based on merit, they were on the varsity. Those "tweeners" that would be deeper on the varsity bench played and practiced on the JV team. On occasion we'd play one or two top players for 3 quarters in the JV game and then bring them up with the option of playing their 4th quarter in the varsity game. This gave them an aspirational view of the varsity team, without sacrificing their minutes sitting on the bench all season long.

: : : : Are the rules similar in CA? Could a player play 3 quarters of a JV game and appear in one quarter of a varsity game?

: : : In high school a player can only play one or two games on the same level on one day. If a player plays two different levels on same day then that team forfeits the second game regardless of level. Not clear on if they are in scorebook at the start of game if that is a violation even without playing. And they are only allowed 28 games per season. So if you have a JV or frosh player they can't play their regular season and be with varsity for holiday tournaments so they don't pass their 28 game personal limit. Playoffs are not counted in 28 games.

: : I should have said high school players can play two levels, not on same day. Be careful though when playing on two levels not to go over 28 game limit for that player. Some teams will bring up a few JV and/or frosh players to varsity for playoffs for practice with varsity and one or two for being in uniform for games. That could be good overall or a distraction or team chemistry problem for varsity.

: It depend on their maturity level. When kid who can really play they must develop of being leader. Their game dont help them grow up. I would put them on Jv because that group who they
: going to have to learn to lead and play with. Then bring them up for playoff experience
: It not about Ego. It about player development and kid becoming a leader.

Let them practice with varsity and play in all the JV games and varsity when its not the same day. Tell your JV coach to deal with it as JV basketball now is no stepping stone for varsity. That player will instantly make your JV better so chemistry etc. doesn't mean anything on JV. JV is to do what is best for varsity.

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