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Posted by Splash on March 29, 2020 at 10:11:16:

In Reply to: Re: Advice/Opinion on Club Team posted by Mr. Google on March 28, 2020 at 14:07:58:

: : Good points you made there. I am noticing this seems to be the culture today--a kid does not play enough and it is the fault of the coach. A kid is placed on a bad team and it is the fault of the program director (never mind the fact that the kid did not belong on a higher team in the organization). So many parents today want their child to be placed on some elite team and yet their child has not put in the work necessary to be elite so that he or she can play and earn minutes on that elite team. A team loses by 20-40 and it is the fault of the coach---never mind the fact that the video shows their child missing a ton of layups or free throws or walking rather than running during a game. All of these parents videotape games--are any of them watching them with their child at home and pointing out the mistakes of the child? But then again, program directors and coaches do need to hear out parental complaints and find out where improvement can occur. I would love to hear what this parent did not like about their experience.

: Why? What would be the point in that. You do realize this all started off with someone posting a thread below, asking a simple question: What are the BEST club teams that anyone could recommend.

: So "Parent" comes back with the statement that they don't know about the best, but they can certainly warn anyone from joining up with this new club. The response was bullshit from the start, someone just being negative, as is often the case on this and other message forums.

: Frankly, no one even knew about this program, perhaps except those people in Agoura Hills and Westlake For all we know, "Parent" is not really a "parent" at all, but a business competitor out to try to ruin the reputation of a small club organization before it can even really get off the ground and running.

: Like many others, I've been coming on this board for years, since the late 1990's, and we've all seen this same thing happen dozens of times before. Someone posing as "parent" complains about [fill in the blank, team, school, administrator, other team, other parent, you name it] and all it does is lead to more complaining, more bashing, kid's getting trashed, coaches reputations tarnished, businesses hurt.

: Kudos to the moderator here for deleting "Parent"'s original replies. I saw them, and all I could think was "Oh no, here we go again."

: If "Parent" really felt compelled to post in response to the original question (Can anyone recommend a good club team?), then why not post and tell us the name of the program to which his or her daughter moved whose coaches "parent" thought helped her daughter improve? Why not tell us the name of the GOOD program her daughter is now with that helped her hone her skills and where she is now flourishing? I'd rather hear about those coaches, and what they do to help players improve and get better, than some rant about some bad personal experience that apparently only this "parent" had with one program that hardly anyone has ever heard about and which apparently is a relatively new club.

Excellent post. Keep it positive. The family has moved in to a better situation for their young athlete. Find the right fit and stay.

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