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Posted by POS on March 02, 2020 at 18:27:53:

In Reply to: Paloma Valley gets screwed by CIF posted by Expert on March 01, 2020 at 19:24:30:

: They beat Ontario Christian for the CIF Title and get the 4th seed in D3 State while Ontario Christian gets the #2 seed in State D4 thatís ridiculous. CIF plays favorites.

Why are you complaining, you won your CIF Participation Championship now shut up and be thankful that CIF gave you that championship because Paloma Valley will never win another championship for a very, very long time. God what do you all want? CIF gives you all a chance to actually win something and then when it comes to state you all cry and piss and moan. CIF doesn't play favorites, how stupid do you have to be. CIF puts teams where they think they belong for the state playoffs because they want good, solid games not the B/S we have here in our sectional playoffs where teams can just waltz to the finals without breaking a sweat.

Now how is that fair? If let's say a Troy or King would have been down in Division 2A or lower everyone would have been crying like they did when Lakeside was down there. Or Ribet with all of their recruits. You all can't have it your way all the time. So Paloma Valley got moved up and Ontario Christian stayed where they belong. Who cares, there are far more tragic events going on than what is happening down in the Podunk divisions of CIF State Playoffs

I think that it is unfair to have schools with 2,500 enrollment playing schools with 150 enrollment. Talk about a huge disadvantage for that school unless you are Sierra Canyon, Windward or Orangewood Academy. But those schools only make up like half a percent of the small private school population. You can point your finger at schools like Sierra Canyon and say well they recruit and Sierra Canyon does a great job getting the best kids money and influence can buy. But you can't tell me that the other small schools are out their recruiting. Are you going to tell me that Bishop Diego recruits? Or San Jacinto Valley whatever recruits?

The top 1.5% of CIF-SS teams recruit heavily or uses their connections to get kids. About 95% of those schools are already in the upper divisions (Open, Division 1 and Division 2AA. But still getting transfers and recruits doesn't mean your team is going to be good. There are teams that recruit or get transfers and brag about how good they are only to see that their team still does suck and will never win anything, *cough* Pasadena *cough*. But these schools that do recruit and still can't beat anybody their parents always cry when their team plays a Mater Dei, a Long Beach Poly or a private school like JSerra, because their school gets exposed for being what they really are and that is trash.

Paloma Valley is a trash school and always will be. Paloma Valley prior to two years ago had never won their league championship but lucky for Paloma Valley they are in a weak league but still can get their league without a loss. Paloma Valley is 30-3 but looking at their schedule their biggest win was probably against Bonita. Sorry but Ontario Christian doesn't count. Ontario Christian coach was ducking good competition all season with his star freshman that turned down Etiwanda so her daddy could brag about how good his daughter is doing against blind, handicapped kids. BFD!!

We are supposed to be happy for these teams and congratulate them, why they didn't beat anyone worth mentioning all season. Any good team that they did beat was more than likely overrated. We watch as these teams celebrate their triumphs but I am always think back that teams like Santa Monica and LB Wilson won their previous championships in Division 1A and Division 1AA but now they suck so bad for so long that they are winning down in Division 3AA and Division 3A. I would be embarrassed if I were the coaches and players. Because it shows that these teams and players truly do suck. Artesia and Ganesha down in Division 5 playing small little schools they outnumber in enrollment by at least 2,000 kids and we are supposed to be happy for them? Nope.

You all complaining about how unfair CIF does their playoffs whether it is the Southern Section or State just need to shut up and be thankful. Paloma Valley used to be up in Division 1A. Let's put Paloma Valley back up into the top divisions next year and just hear the parents crying and wailing about how unfair it is. They are crying because they got moved up a division for the state playoffs. Oh my GOD!!

Just be happy you got a trophy to put in your empty trophy case in your gym and you get to hang a banner on your empty gym walls. Enjoy the moment because in a few weeks after you all get your ass kicked in the state playoffs, no one will remember that your school won a CIF-SS Participation Championship this year.

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