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Posted by Caster Troy on February 29, 2020 at 20:21:30:

In Reply to: Re: CIF Championships posted by POS for President on February 29, 2020 at 19:51:59:

: : : : : :
: : : : : : : : As for everyone else in Division 2A and below, you all don't deserve any luck, CIF has given you all your championships. Nothing has been earned and little to no work has been done by anybody at these schools...

: : : : : : : Or you could say they have worked hard, but many haven't channelled that hard work into recruiting athletes to their schools, but instead worked with the athletes that actually belong to those school districts.

: : : : : : : Walt's Dog

: : : : : : Oh Walt, you are so naÔve it hurts. You really think most of these schools don't recruit, well they do. They just suck at basketball. Most of these schools have kids out of their area so don't think for a second that these schools are innocent of recruiting or haven't benefited from transfers. The days of neighborhood kids winning a championship at their local school is long gone. Its all about status and trying to win a championship. Daddy and Mommy ball controlling everything. But if Daddy and Mommy don't like what's going on or their little princess doesn't get the ball enough or they don't win a championship look for them to get rid of the coach or move to the next school where they can have the control.

: : : : : POS =
: : : : : Precisely
: : : : : Out-an-out
: : : : : Straightforward

: : : : You probably have a very sad life, but I will still wish you luck that you can find some happiness and not be bitter all your life.

: : : Wow thank you so much for setting me straight. Youíre absolutely right my daughterís 2A playoff run means nothing. Iíll be sure to tell my daughterís college coach she should take back that full scholarship offer because my daughter didnít play with D1 transfers or D1 caliber players. Nope she only played with girls that lived 5 minutes from the school. Shame on me for not having her transfer 2 or 3 times in pursuit of an open championship.

: : Maybe POS owns this site so he says things to rile people up. There is no ads on here so I don't know why the site keeps going. I basically check on here for games wanted, although if they eliminated this site we can do that on CIF. Where would POS go to be heard if he didn't have this site? It is America though so he can say what he wants and others can as well. We all have choices, so I'm leaving this site so I don't have to read such bad things said about people when there could be a lot of good things said on here. Good luck everyone!

: Nah,you'll be back. You said the same thing last season.

POS simply doesnít get it. More divisions equal more games and more games for CIF in the playoffs equals more money. Itís not about equality for CIF, itís about cash and itís as simple as that.

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