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Posted by Team name on February 11, 2020 at 14:09:15:

In Reply to: Re: CIF Playoffs Crying, Whining and Complaining posted by City Fan on February 11, 2020 at 10:32:22:

: : : : : : This goes out to all of the parents, fans, coaches and anyone else unhappy with how CIF does their playoff selections. Quit your crying!! Your team wasn't good enough to make the playoffs. Period!! CIF tells everyone the criteria before the season it is up to the coaches and the teams to adhere to it. So what if you were ranked in your division's poll that doesn't guarantee you a spot in the playoffs. Finishing in the top half of your league guarantees you a spot. Plain and simple. So if you finished 4th in a league tough or pathetic the chances of your team making the playoffs is going to be slim to none. So if your team finished 4th in your league quit your crying and complaining! Its your coaches and daughter's fault that they didn't make the playoffs. Oh and by the way, not every league is tough. Some leagues are, some league there is a lot of parity to make it look tough. But when the top teams from your league are losing to top competition by 30 points or more it means your whole league sucks. Sorry Rowland and San Dimas parents. You all are down in that division for a reason and it is not because you are good at basketball.

: : : : : : As for the coach that posted that 17 teams including their team that were ranked in the top 10 in various divisions got the middle finger from CIF. I checked the playoffs and only 4 teams in the top 10 in their final poll did not make the playoffs. Not 17, just 4. And before you say that you meant the top 16 in the divisions there were only 5 teams from 11 to 16 in their final division poll that did not make the playoffs. So a total of 9 teams in the top 16 of all of the divisions did not make the playoffs. Do you know what all of these teams have in common??? They didn't finish in the top half of their league therefore they didn't qualify for the playoffs and some of these teams didn't even have .500 records either. Too bad, so sad!! Win in your league and maybe that would solve the problem all together instead of blaming CIF for your inability to coach.

: : : : : : To the Inglewood fan, the same goes for your team, win in league and maybe you would make the playoffs. Just because Inglewood went 14-14 overall and 3-7 in your "tough" league doesn't qualify you. Sorry! Besides Inglewood had chances to improve on their record but choked against South Gate, Paramount, Venice and Crossroads. Maybe one more win over one of those teams would have gotten you in the playoffs but because Inglewood lost, sorry no playoffs, better luck next season.

: : : : : : CIF has done so much for you everyone when it comes to the playoffs. They have given teams competitive equality and got them in divisions that they can win and succeed in. CIF has a simple criteria finish with a .500 or above record and finish in the top half of your league and you should qualify for the playoffs. CIF can't do everything for you it is up the coaches to do their jobs and get better and maybe one day your team will make the playoffs. But CIF doesn't owe anybody a thing. They do the best they can with what they got and if you don't like it, it is because your are a loser that can't cut as a basketball coach. Or your kid and her teammates aren't cut out for the game of basketball no matter what her travel ball coach, her personal trainer or anybody else says about her.

: : : : : : The bottom line is, CIF has already leveled the playing field as much as they can. Gone are the days of teams locked into divisions by there enrollment. Just imagine if that was still the case we would have everyone crying about the fact that Sierra Canyon, Windward or Orangewood Academy would be killing every Division 5AA or 5A school by 70. Chaminade would rule Division 3A and everyone would be upset about that. Mater Dei and Troy would be blowing out most of the teams in Division 2AA and 2A. The list can go on and on. Then CIF comes up with the Open Division and that clears out the "elite" teams out of a their Podunk divisions so now other teams can win!!! Hooray!! But still that wasn't enough so CIF does competitive equality and comes up with a points system. No more enrollment, no more teams playing all-star teams. Now everyone plays someone similar to their teams but still not everyone is happy about that because some "elite" teams slip through the cracks. Oh that's not fair, they recruit!! Sorry if your coach or program isn't out there recruiting then its your own damn fault that your team sucks. The top teams recruit and I am not just talking about Open Division or Division 1 either.

: : : : : : As for competitive equality, what more do you want? Teams are having successful years for the first time ever or for a very long time. Teams are making deep playoff runs in their divisions and it makes everyone happy. Hooray!! Teams are winning championships that they don't deserve or earned. But wait they worked hard and they deserve their championship. I hate to break it to you, but there are 580 schools that work hard every day from the best of the best to the worst of the worst. Some of these schools know they that they are god awful but others are fed a lie because they believe since they win a CIF Championship they earned it but when you look at their schedule you see that they lost to better competition by 30+ in their league it smacks of hypocrisy. Your team beat nobody of any worth to win that championship. CIF has gotten to the point that they hand out participation trophies and banners. Sure the teams and the players will never forget their CIF Championship but it is a spit in the face of society to reward mediocracy. Just like the CIF should make sure that teams get in the playoffs. You all complaining are the reason society is where it is today. Soft, unmotivated and unwilling to put in the hardwork because you want everything handed to you. You want something?? You want to make the playoffs next season, then go out there and earn it, if not then STFU!!

: : : : : What up stupid. We alreadu know if we win league your in playoff. You put all 32 teams that made to the playoffs in division 4AA in our league they will only win 2 games that it. CIFSs hasnt done enough to ensure competitive equity at all in the playoff. Teams get byes in playoff for real. Team from weak league that finish 3rd or 4th place gEt into playoff. Furthermore let team with less than 500 record get into playoff and lest than 10 win for teal. If Inglewood would have gotten in they would have won the entire division. Why because their no team in division 4AA has face the competition or have strength schedule like Inglewood. The games we lost to those team you mention we have keys players out due injury and oersonal reason. Other than that we would have won those games and matter fact we won the South Gate as well.Get your fact and your evaliation right before you come this board and talk all nonsense. CIFSs shouldnt wont less caliber team to particpate in playoff and not have prepare qualify team not playing because they are in strong league.Watch what happen division 4 when come state playoff they are going get hammered. There are going be several blowout games in this division 4AA especially when they get to quarter because they left out 4 quality team at home who should be still playing. Watch Stupid!
: : : : : Inglewood will win it next year for Show!Wood Up!

: : : : I hear you but what bout every other section in the US that has divisions based on geography and size of school. The best teams don't get to play each other. You have teams wasting teams all the way to a win. Is that a better system? Not a chance.
: : :
: : : Wow. 14 wins and all in one year! That is amazing! I hope Inglewood does do better next year, just as i hope all the girls do better., but for god sakes stop whining about a mediocre (by definition) team that cant get in to playoffs. Use it as incentive and teach your girls why they didn't achieve like dad so desperately wanted them too. Maybe create another four divisions so everyone can hang a banner. CIF has done a great job and yes it could be tweaked in some way to account for teams like orangewood that are clearly better than most D1 teams. But in no way would any of that tweaking account for a bad inglewood team or any other bad team to make the playoffs because mom and dad think they are great.

: : Your idiot too! If we played the weak schedule or league like some of these other team. We would have won 20 games or more. Who's your weak team? So, I can ask our coach to play your team. So we can smash your team. CIFSS knew if they would let us in we upset these so call high rank team that in 4AA. It alright we will back next year! Dont forget to send me your team name!

: Send your kids to City Schools and they will make the playoffs, guaranteed

Even max preps has them rated at 36 in division 4! And i know there are at least fourteen teams this year inglewood “couldnt” smash. Next year in division 5 they will do fine. Assuming they can actually win half their games again. Dont blame cif. Blame coach and players. They earned their spot in stands this year. Not everyone can be a winner. Next year they can prove everybody wrong!

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