Re: Teams from tough leagues get penalized.

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Posted by coach on February 08, 2020 at 09:41:36:

In Reply to: Re: Teams from tough leagues get penalized. posted by RAM on February 07, 2020 at 22:39:50:

: : : : : : Teams that play in tougher leagues get penalized by not making playoffs if they do not place in top three in league.Example Campbell Hall, who is one of the best teams in 4A, will finish in fourth place in their league and may not make CIF playoffs if their are 32 auto qualifiers. CIF has made some great strides with new policies. However expanding playoffs by adding a expansive wildcard qualifying round would help kids schools and CIf as far as revenue and equity is concerned. There are teams who are very good who have been the victims of being in tough leagues and not being able to compete. A wild card round would be a step in right direction to solve this problem. Your thoughts?

: : : : : One hundred percent correct. And don't give me a trophy for all argument. This is so easily correctable!

: : : : Oh my God where we go again with this crap!! CIF is punishing teams in tough leagues. It sucks that teams have to get to .500 to make the playoffs. Its not fair that teams from tough leagues have to schedule creampuffs to make it to .500. Is this system flawed sure. All of playoff requirements flawed because we have 580 schools in the Southern Section. But only maybe 20 or 30 schools rule over the rest, they are the ones making the decision making. Most of them are happy now because their teams are in divisions and leagues that make them look good and successful. I can name the coaches that have manipulated the system into their favor for themselves and for their friends. These coaches or committees have made sure that all of the top teams in one division thus clearing the way for themselves and their friends. Whereas before these teams would be squashed in Division 1AA or down in Division 4AA with the big dogs. But now we have competitive equality and that evens things up and still everyone is unhappy why? Teams that have no shot at winning a league title are now winning or having deep playoff runs. Teams like Artesia are one of the top teams in Division 5AA and Artesia hasn't been good in basketball since 2007 when the coach was fired but now they could win a championship if they qualify for the playoffs. Artesia could win a championship meanwhile teams that have been at the top or near the top of basketball in the Southern Section have to suffer through losing in the quarterfinals in the top divisions to a private school or a public school that recruits. Is that fair? Oh no!! We have people complaining about that too!! But wait we have the Open Division now!! But still everyone is unhappy about that too. Why can't you all just be happy that your daughter's team made the playoffs. After all, sports is just an extracurricular activity that will not mean anything in 20 years. But you parents and coaches need to have your egos stroked. So you can sit around the watercooler or able to talk on social media about how great your daughter's team is. But yet, they have played no one, beaten no one and finish 15-13 overall but will not make the playoffs because they went 4-6 in league and finished 4th. But that's not fair that they can't win in their league but should be given a pass to the playoffs by allowing wild card teams. So want every team to make the playoffs? Great!! We have competitive equality and teams are winning championships that they don't earn. Those championships are participation trophies. But now you want to give participation ribbons to teams by giving EVERYONE a chance at the playoffs by allowing 33 to 42 teams into the playoffs. The flaw is that we have 42-75 teams in a division now!! Think about that. Division 5A has 126 teams in their division. That's horrible. The reason the flaw is so bad is because the pool is too deep. Look at Division 2AA and Division 2A those teams only have 35 and 33 teams to draw from and in those divisions there will be byes for the top teams. Now is that fair? I want a full bracket. But because a team like Campbell Hall in the toughest division you want to cry for them? A private school that can't cut it with the top private schools in California. Guess what...Campbell Hall and Crossroads will be in the playoffs of their divisions because they will be a money draw. Also in Campbell Hall's division they are one of 30 teams that have a winning record and they play in the toughest league around. Oh and Campbell Hall beat Brentwood the other night. Nope. I don't feel sorry for them or any school down in the lower divisions and their shouldn't be wild card games just to make everyone happy. CIF does enough for everyone already by allowing teams that are finishing 4th and 5th in league to win a championship. Why should we allow teams that have no business in the playoffs a chance at a wild card? Oh that's right so you can brag to your friends and co-workers that your daughter's team made the playoffs. What a crock!!

: : : YES! How about we just give all the teams below Division 1 Orange slices & a cookie. That might make them happy.
: : : If not, we will throw in a Capri Sun.

: : Yes, everyone likes hand-outs without working for them. Isn't that why Bernie Sanders (BS) is so popular?!?

: You are full of nonsense.Teams that deserve be in playoff should be playing not @ home because their league is tougher than others. You have league team in the playoff that not even 500 and they get automatic bid that doesnt make any sense at all. The best team should be in the playoff. Rank them and go for there. You cant determine playoff team from league play when you have a huge differential in competition. We want a competive equity in playoff rght. Put best team in the playoff it that simple.
There are divisions in amateur sports for a reason. ADVANTAGE.
There are schools that have advantages over others. Schools in heavily populated areas have advantages over schools in isolated areas. Kids can travel a few extra miles and play at schools that have talent and coaching (I guess) and make a team great. One kid can change the landscape of an entire league. Privates can offer financial aid to a couple of kids.(ADVANTAGE) I work at a school in a isolated area. One year we made it to the quarter-finals of CIF and played a Trinity league team. The difference in talent was like night and day.
( we were night) That school had club players from all over Orange County. (ADVANTAGE) I have no problem with financial aid given to athletes or a parent who wants their kid to play for a school outside of their district. But those programs should play against schools that are involved in the same practices. Of course those schools are going to crush schools that take whatever walks thru the door or has players who are learning to play for the first time. CIF can't stop
kids from going wherever they want to. (Like they tried to do for decades) But they can make them compete against schools that have the same practices. I think this current admin for CIF is outstanding.
I think they could go 1 step further. Lastly, NO ONE IS CRYING. Just a suggestion. Also kids will remember a playoff game for the rest of their lives. Ask any ex-athlete to recall their favorite playoff memory.
Thats for the Next Thread ...HAHA.

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