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Posted by CityBaller on January 25, 2020 at 21:58:37:

In Reply to: Re: Pasadena open team posted by You will see on January 25, 2020 at 14:06:47:

: : : : : : : : : : Where are the ďpasadena has four d1 girls and is open team ď supporters? Lost to village christian and burroughs in january. Looking as ridiculous as ďsanta monica is open teamĒ supporters. Get out of the bubble and see real D1 girls play and the top schools. Big difference when playing good competition.

: : : : : : : : : If their best players were playing they would be a D1 team

: : : : : : : : If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle

: : : : : : : Its pretty hard when the LEAGUE PLAYER OF THE YEAR hasn't played along with another starting guard one game in league. How can you make a judgement without a full deck. Injuries are part of the game but they are still doing well and going to win a solid league without them. There can be no comment on how they are. Thats like comparing apples to oranges. If they had their full team they would be a top team in 2AA. Without they are just good. Period

: : : : : : I place them somewhere in the middle of the Open division at full squad. But their highly recruited top D1 player wasn't playing. Once at full squad and everyone's 100 you all will see what's it's all about. For now, go on and continue hating.

: : : : : : I have seen Pasadena many times this season and here is their situation. They lost to some big time teams early in the season when their transfers were not playing. That being the 6'2 girl from Muir and the two guards from Eagle Rock...all are legit starters for them. Then, once league started, their leading scorer and best player in the league got hurt early as well as one of the transfers from Eagle Rock. That was when they lost to Burroughs by two. At full strength, they could legitimately play with anyone. They would have two extremely skilled 6'2 post players, a great point guard, a 20 plus points a game scorer and three great guards off the bench, one of them a very good shooter, with another big 6'2 girl to eat up space. However, the fact that they sit in a 1-2-2 zone and are very undisciplined at times is what keeps them from being an open team. The talent is there to be an open team, but not the coaching or disciplined. They should be a final four or at least finalist in 2AA. The fact is that there are some teams with better coaching and enough talent in that division to beat them. But when they are at full strength, there won't be many teams that will be able to beat them.

: : : : The Eagle Rock twins are good for 2AA but they arenít even close to Open Division Talent!. Muir transfer 6í 2Ē is good for 2AA but she is no where near the level of Open Division bigs. Pasadena would be lucky to survive in 2AA never mind open. And as far as the best player in the league, thatís debatable, but she is the most dynamic scorer in the league. And if she was my daughter I wouldnít play unless sheís 100%. Agreed in Pacific League the best Coach is at Burroughs along with along with its own D1 player and other bigs can be a hard team to beat. Pasadena should win League because they have wealth of talent at the guard spot and then win 2AA to shut up all the critics.

: : : Pasadena as full strength can roll with the likes of Mater Dei and Sierra. Rosary, Centennial and the likes will be underdogs due to size differential. But they are not 100 percent that is why they are where they at.

: : No they are not and they canít! But itís cool that you believe that. Pasadena full strength will struggle against top 2AA teams. And thatís fact! Iíve seen the twins play at Eagle Rock and during viewing, Iíve seen Muir transfer at Muir and during viewing. Facts Pasadena lost to Burroughs which with the exception of 1 player is just a strong JV team . You shouldnít put unrealistic expectation on your daughters that they canít possibly live up to. Beat Orangewood, Marlborough, Saugus, Millikan, or Flintridge Prep then Iíll buy what youíre selling.

: With the exception of OA, all will loose by double digits.

:: In addition to lacking the overall talent, Pasadena's coaching may be solid, but it isn't at the same level as the experience of the elite Open squad's coaching. Even without a top player or two, Pasadena has lost too many games that a really good or experienced coach would pulled them through.

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