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Posted by Fan on January 08, 2020 at 11:12:34:

In Reply to: Re: Pasadena posted by Actually on January 08, 2020 at 10:20:06:

: : : : : : : The Burroughs players were bigger and faster and had a better coach. Burroughs is sure to be an Open team this year, but we hung with them the whole game! Oh and if it wasn't for those HORRIBLE refs we would have won!!

: : : : : : : : LMAO!!!!! Pasadena lost to Burroughs by 2! So much for the elite transfers and being a borderline Open team. LMAO!! Pasadena parents need to STFU now. Just be quiet. I can't wait to hear the excuses on this one!! Great job Burroughs!!

: : : : : : Like I said. The guard transfers are average players. The post is very good. Bottom line the best player in the league is out for at least another month for Pasadena and without her they are just a good team. Nothing more

: : : : : But with all of your elite transfers that average 50 points a game you don't need the "best player in the league" Pasadena should have beaten Burroughs by 20+ because of those great transfers. I guess those transfers are worthless if the best player is already on the team. LOL!! All of those players and transfers and talk and because Pasadena is missing one kid now the team is garbage. Too funny!!

: : : : Their best player who's top D1 in the country didn't play and only lost by 2. Not to mention the refs were terrible. Once the player in the game, watch out!

: : : Okay okay! Now the trolls have come out. This canít possibly be a Pasadena parent. Even they arenít that delusional. Their player isnít even the top D1 player in the San Gabriel Valley or Pasadena and it could be debated whether sheís the best in the Pacific League. Sheís definitely couldíve helped but sheís not going to put them over by 20 points.

: : Lets go back to Burroughs is sure to he an open team? Huh?

: That was just a sarcastic comment from a frustrated Pasadena parent.

Actually I saw the comment as a shot at the overconfident Pasadena parent who called his daughters D1 prospects and then boasted how Pasadena is a borderline open team and that Pasadena should win all their league games by 20 points. Nothing more nothing less. Burroughs isnít claiming to be a open team, their in the division that belong.

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