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Posted by The Boss! on January 07, 2020 at 12:54:27:

In Reply to: Re: 98-5 97-9 Why!!! posted by Coach on January 07, 2020 at 09:28:38:

: I hate this thought process. If my players put in a ton of work to get to the point where they win big like that, they don't get to play because the other team isn't prepared to play? I'm supposed to coach my team and the other team at the same time?

: 1. I've been in leagues where I did that and after the season my kids don't win awards because they barely played. At some point we had been on a 53 game reg season winning streak and every game was a blowout. My subs played more than my starters even if they didn't deserve to based on that week's practices. Looking back, I screwed my starters.

: 2. That's ridiculous. Why would anyone teach their kids to not shot open shots?

: 3. That's understandable. Even so, instead of losing by 80 now you lose by 40-50? 20-30? That feels better?

: 4. Working on other things isn't going to make a difference. If a team is good enough to win by 80 that won't matter.

: I was in this situation recently. Beat our league rival that beat us 3 times last year (this is year 3 for me with this team, prior to that I watched our girls team get ran by EVERYBODY by 50-60 with no remorse from the other side) by 60+ knowing that we had a really good D1 opponent on the road the next night. Even my own admin was on my head about that game. I told them I need to keep my team's mindset right for the next night. I'm not getting ready to start trying to slow us down to make the other team feel better just for us to start playing like crap in the second half. When that happens now you leave the game pissed off at your own team in blowout. And don't even get me started on how this crap affects rankings.

: Your way of thinking is why our youth is so weak now. You can beat me but just don't beat me by too much because that doesn't feel good? My team is good enough to win by 80 so I'm a poor leader but the coach who couldn't get his team to put up any type of fight is not? I hope you don't coach.

: PS
: We played a great 1st half against that D1 opponent (we are D3) and were within 8 at the end of the 3rd. They wound up overwhelming us in the 4th and won by 30. That coach tried to apologize to me after the game and I stopped him and thanked him for turning it up on us. How the heck will my team get better if we don't go through stuff like that?

: : : : : long beach over cabrillo
: : : : : woodrow wilson over jordan.

: : : : What's your concern? Grow a pair!!

: : : Because some teams are HORRIBLE and no respectible coach is ever going to tell their players to "go easy on them"

: :
: : Its not that difficult.
: : 1. Play as hard as you can for the 1st half. If you are up by 30 and the other team cant score the starters should sit the rest of the half.
: : 2. No more lay ups.
: : 3. run the shot clock down to 10 to get shots
: : 4. Work on other things.

: :
: : its not that difficult to have tact, well in 2020 that might not be true, so very little leaders and adults out there.

: : I really hope the starters didn't play the second half.

So what is the right thing to do??? and for the record, I am not LB Poly affiliate, but I am one of the biggies fan of Basketball!

Your argument here is a no brainer!

Cabrillo NR is 11,175 (NR National Rank)
LB Poly NR is 7

Cabrillo SR is 937 (SR State Rank)
LB Poly SR is 4 and soon will be #2 or #3

What do you expect to happen when those type of teams meet? And its not like LB Poly schedule this game! Per cif rules, they must play each other because they are in the same league. And not just once but twice…I’m more than sure that LB Poly would have rather played the #1 and #2 NR teams every time in its place. But that can’t happen. So, if LB Poly and Wilson was purposely scheduling those games like some of the other schools and coaches do! and do this. That would be a shame!!! But this is not the case.

If you ever coached before and long enough, you would know that it’s harder to try and not score 100 plus points in those situations, then it is to score 100 on any opponent.

I’ve been on both sides of this and I have seen the dominate teams set in a zone with their hands down to let the other team shoot 3’s and then run the shot clock down and shoot…WOW how embarrassing that is to the least talented team and to the game of basketball when that happens!

Nuff said…lets move on, because this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time in these situations that this will happen! In almost all cases, this is not a good feeling for either teams!!!
Happy New Year and welcome to 2020. Dang I always wanted to say that…lol
Peace on to you and Peace and Love to all!

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