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Posted by Dear POS on December 20, 2019 at 03:31:13:

In Reply to: Re: Coaches polls posted by POS on December 19, 2019 at 15:30:43:

: : : Some coaches are still working on lineups and team chemistry, other have transfers sitting out and in girls basketball, 2 transfers can change a whole team dynamic if they're starters. Suddenly a team has depth as two move to the bench that have gotten substantil playing time and experience in the the first half of the season.

: : All good points, too early to tell with teams still figuring out each other and transfers waiting on the sidelines to be eligible.

: : Early January should start forming into how post season will play out. Pasadena has 3 dominant future D1 transfers that once eligible will be borderline Open team. They will definitely be a major force if kept at 2AA. Just like how lakeside was underrated I'll last season then exploded in CiF post season. It's going to be a great and fun season. Don't mind that POS, dude got major issue.

: LMAO!! So I speak the truth and I have major issues. I love it. Is that your rebuttal to my comment below. Awesome! So let's see where is Pasadena in the latest Division 2AA coaches poll. Let's see where the coaches had them ranked. Hmmm...that's strange Pasadena is not ranked at all. How can that be?? I mean in the deranged Pasadena parents eye his daughter's team is a borderline Open Division team in about a week when transfers become eligible. But yet, they are not ranked because the coaches in Division 2AA don't buy what you are selling. Even if Pasadena does become that good they will not make it past the quarterfinals in that division they will lose to a better team that is actually ranked right now. Look at the teams all of them can beat Pasadena even with the super transfers. The sad thing is this, Pasadena hasn't beaten anybody worth noting and will not until the playoffs if they win a game in the playoffs. So this Pasadena parent can sprout off all he wants and rant and rave about 3 transfers and how they average 50 points a game but until they are on the floor doesn't mean anything. Even when they are on the floor there is no way Pasadena scores more than 60 points a game on average. Impossible. So you can have 6 kids average 100 points a game it won't matter because that is an impossible number to achieve. There are 5 players and one basketball. Anyone smart enough knows that unless you are a Pasadena parent then you are obviously a mental midget who doesn't understand basic math or algebra. I am willing to bet that this Pasadena parent barely understand proper English as well. So let me break it down for you once again as clearly as possible. Prove me wrong with a clear argument or STFU. Got it, Mommy or Daddy? Ya Dig?

Because I said they averaged 50ppg I did not state they would score that. I only stated they would make them. much better team. You need to understand basketball bro. For you to imply that means you have an extremely low IQ which is understandable from the amount of time you spend on this forum. The coaches poll right now means nothing and it is always way off. Pasadena will be ranked when it counts, in February. They are a major player in 2AA, not an Open team. But you rarely comprehend posts so you don't understand that.

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