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Posted by Coyote ugly on December 06, 2019 at 22:38:09:

In Reply to: Re: Thousand Oaks posted by POS on December 06, 2019 at 14:51:32:

: : : : :
: : : : : Thousand Oaks 114
: : : : : Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences 12

: : : : : Wow. T.O. must be awesome!!! Scheduling tough games and pummeling opponents. Just what girls basketball needs....more kids quitting after being humiliated by wannabe coaches.

: : : : : Admin at TO should be super proud!

: : : : Point spreads were covered! Thanks TO

: : : : First off, if this was a tournament, then it isn't necessarily TO's fault that they had to play this team unless it is a weak tournament..then it is on TO...and since they are also in the Bishop Conaty tournament, it does look like they are scheduling soft. Second, I don't care how bad any team is, in order to score 100 points, you need to press and run the ENTIRE game. I get pushing the lead in the first half. Second half though, run your sets, make five passes. Fourth quarter should be running clock and you should only get a handful of possessions with the bottom of your bench any way. I am totally against telling your kids not to score. They work hard in practice. BUt as a coach, you can keep almost any score, under 100
: : No excuse other than FACT coach is an ........ never ok to embarras and run up score. Never prouder than when my kids team stopped ALL fast breaks and had five pass rule in effect on offense, even with all back ups in. Could have won by eighty but backed off immediately in second half. Administration of TO should be embarrased . I hope TO gets blown out in every upcoming game. If they play a decent opponent ever... TO coach should be suspended for a game or two. Zero class as a person

: We all know that this is one of the disgruntled parents from Calabasas who is railing on this coach for something that happened a decade ago. Let that sink in...a decade ago! Get a life. Let it go!! My guess it is a one of the parents that is an anti-Semitic and harbors ill feelings towards this coach for his personal background and not how this coach does his job. These parents didn't like that their daughters were removed from a team for disciplinary reasons a decade ago and couldn't bully or get their way so they made up a bunch of false charges against this coach to have him fired. Now with that being said, this coach does have a history of bad decisions so some of these allegations could be true but it has been 10 years and still these parents harbor hatred towards this coach.

: I don't know this coach nor do I care what the Goose does with his team. He is trying to build a program over there and was picked for a reason. You weren't at the game so you do not know what he was doing. Maybe he was trying everything in his power to prevent his team from going over 100 points. We don't know. Is the score bad? Sure. What do you want the Goose to do? Tell his players to stop playing defense. Just turn the ball over for the other team to score? Now that is great coaching.

Men with integrity know how to control the score and his players. Ego maniacs fight with assistants in public, take team pic with head coach in-front
of his players and runs the score up on lesser opponents. Like the previous poster stated he is KNOWN for bad decisions but still hasn't learned. Its been 10 years but still doing the same chit!!!! The dude got a second chance and still can't get it right. Only a matter of time, he'll f it up again. Coaches in 805/818 help girls basketball out by handling this. Solid coaches and people need to stick together.

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