Re: Redondo Battle @ the Beach Schedule - Nov. 25-30

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Posted by h00pzdad on November 24, 2019 at 16:09:01:

In Reply to: Re: Redondo Battle @ the Beach Schedule - Nov. 25-30 posted by This GUY on November 24, 2019 at 08:17:27:

: : : : : : : : : : : : Mater Dei is the favorite by a landslide. All I have to say is Brooke Nowitzki will dominate.

: : : : : : : : : : : Define dominate? No doubt she can, but she has to get touches etc. She can dominate the boards etc , physically dominate too, yes. I think the Orangewood game will be the interesting one. Lot of people even who don't like MD want this to be a blow out to silence Orangewood and the nonsense about being an open team etc. Bishop M Vs MD Monday Match up between KP and BD (Bishop Mont Pepe and Mater Dei Brooke) can be a good one too. But Mater Dei should win by 16 plus. Either way two decent teams for Mater Dei to play early on and MD to get a jump on a tough season schedule.

: : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : You guys are crazy. MD is young, lot of great teams in this tourney

: : : : : : : : : Mater Dei will definitely dominate this tournament specially with no Sierra in the pool. Brooke is a beast, she's the new KLS!

: : : : : : : : Stop it. Demetre is a special player for sure but KLS??? Hell no. No disrespect to that young lady but KLS was as for high school a generational player. Demetre as good as she is still has holes in her game. KLS was already in conversation as the best to ever do it by her sophomore season with little to no holes in her game.

: : : : : : : KLS a once in a lifetime player now that's funny. What did she do while at Mater Dei? Nothing, couldn't win a CIF Championship or beat any of the top teams in the nation while she was there. KLS was above average but she needed others to do the work for her. Case in point she was the third best player at UCONN. KLS never could create her own shot she had to rely on others to get her the ball. KLS at Mater Dei was just a slow as Demetre is now. If Demetre is so good then why didn't Mater Dei win a CIF Championship last year? It was her team after Pepe left. No one to share the ball with besides Frescas. Frescas and the Rosary transfer are the best players at Mater Dei. The Rosary transfer will be the reason Mater Dei could win a CIF Championship and not slow as molasses Brooke Demetre. You want a once in a lifetime player from Mater Dei go look at Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis. KLS would have never gone to UCONN if it was for Mosqueda-Lewis paving the way for her.

: : : : : :
: : : : : : :::: Unfair to compare Demetre to KLS at this point. Demetre is not a finished product at the HS level. KLS was a tremendous shooter and could score from anywhere, especially 3 pt range. UConn would have recruited her no matter who came before her. Demetre is the more physical player, who is very productive in the mid range and in the paint. And she may get the championship KLS never got because her team is stronger overall, and there are not as many great HS players as there were when KLS was playing HS ball. KLS was beaten by the likes of Jordin Canada in her day. Also, MDs coach has traditionally been out-coached in the championship-level games. That was a factor during KLS tenure, and we’ll see if it’s a factor for Demetre.

: : : : : Demetre should look phenomenal. She was 16 when she played her first high school game. She's old enough to vote as a junior in high school. But Demetre won't guard Pepe when MD plays BM. That job will fall to Amosa, who has owned Pepe since middle school. MD wins that game by 40. But Etiwanda takes the whole thing. They beat MD last year in the Troy tournament and will beat them again this year.

: : : : Demetre/Pepe must be doing something right for the negativity. It must be basketball season for all you bums that wish their daughters were as good as Pepe/Demetre. Nobody speaks on weak players so yeah these girls must be the best otherwise they wouldn’t have as many HATERS

: : : Based on that theory, Trump is the best president ever! So to use your argument... "Trump must be the best otherwise he wouldn't have as many HATERS!"

: : Demetre unfortunately has to own the criticism since her parents made the choice to hold her back. That's a red flag - if you can't compete at your own age group you hold back until you look dominant. Same thing for Avinger at Rosary. As for Pepe, there's just too much hype about that kid - she rebounds well and looks great bullying smaller kids but when she's in a big game she melts like snow in August. We'll see how both of them do this year when their team is squarely on their shoulders. Good luck to all.

: Clearly you have a personal issue with these ladies. At the end of the day College coaches seem to be banging down both of their doors with DEMETRE already committed. It’s your opinion but many in the Basketball Community feel totally different.

That's right, just an opinion. Nothing personal. No need to get your vagina bent out of shape. Have a good day Mr. Demetre-Pepe.

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