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Posted by First of all on September 25, 2019 at 23:10:35:

In Reply to: Re: Burroughs Fall league posted by POS on September 24, 2019 at 21:11:36:

: : : : : : : : : : Can someone post the Burroughs fall league schedule for this weekend or advise me where to find it? Thank you.

: : : : : : : : : Goto Burroughs and see for yourself. It shouldn't be too hard to drive to a high school and do the leg work yourself. Here's a hint the games run all day so get there early. If there aren't any games going on that you like. Go grab a bite to eat and come back. See how easy that is. Gosh you all are a bunch of lazy asses.

: : : : : : : What schools are playing???

: : : : : : To POS, seems like you are not in a happy place in your life. Please do not take it out on others. This world would be a better place if people were positive vs negative, helpful vs unhelpful.

: : : : : LOL! Oh I am the happiest person in the world. You all are the ones that need the help. So do your kids. Let's worry about each other's feelings and not say anything negative. Please, just shows how messed up our society is. I am so tired of worrying about others feelings. I don't care who you are or who your kid is, I will always speak the truth and my mind. You don't like my opinion or what I have to say then don't click on it. Simple as that.

: : : : It wasn't even that your first post was negative, it was just plain stupid. You want us to just drive down randomly and find out who is playing and when? That is a complete waste of time, especially if the games aren't good that day or much later in the day. The fact you think I am lazy because I don't want to drive an hour to figure it out shows how clueless you really are.

: : : Hi Coach Neil!! How are you? Still at Moorpark and coaching travel ball? Well, if you are then I now know why your teams usually suck because you are lazy. Gosh, drive to a gym to watch basketball and you don't want to. Wow, shows what kind of coach you really are. I love watching basketball and spending all day in a gym. Its fun for me. I usually take notes of anything that I see or that I like. For example, a play or a defense being used.

: : : As a coach I am always trying to learn and get better. Just like the players I coach too. I want them to get better and keep learning. Isn't that what life is all about?

: : : Besides, if you know anything about the Burroughs fall league you know that usually some of the best teams in the area are there playing. So there is a good chance you will see a good game or two throughout the day or all day.

: : : Also its on a Saturday, I highly doubt that you have a life, an actually paying job or a significant other so your day is pretty wide open to where you can go watch some basketball even if it is at the level of Moorpark which is pretty bad basketball. I haven't seen your teams play in a while but judging that Moorpark went 0-10 in league I am not missing much. I would recommend going to a fall league or two and maybe actually learn how to coach.

: : Wow that is clearly out of bounds, I think there must be something wrong with you to attack someone like that. it really has no place on this board.

: I didn't see where Burroughs posted their fall league schedule. I guess that means that no one went to the games if there were any. Which is sad because there are so many people on here talk about their love for basketball but no one backs up their love for the game. People on here are so lazy not wanting to drive to a gym to watch basketball. That was coming for a coach that gets paid to do a job and also does club basketball and yet I am the bad guy because I pointed out how stupid this coach is for not wanting to drive to a gym on a Saturday to watch something that they get paid to do. I don't mind being the bad guy or the person that speaks the truth. I don't hide who I am on this board unlike most of you on this board. You can say that I hide who I am behind this keyboard or computer screen but if you were to meet me or get to know me in person then you would see that there is not much difference between who I am on this board and who I am in real life. But, nowadays no one can handle the truth or wants to hear the truth. That's too bad. Maybe a little truth or honesty is what is needed. So tell me, what is wrong with me? Let me hear it. The great thing about this is, it won't matter what you say about me because it is only words.

1. You are a coach. You said it yourself above.
2. You do hide behind a keyboard. You are what you call a coward
3. Like most coaches, he is happy to go watch hoops and scout games. But most coaches have families they like to be with so they want to know which games to watch. If there is any coach that wants to sit in a gym all day watching every fall league game and a lot of bad basketball I'm guessing then there is something wrong with that person. Kind of like you. If you were in season would you want to know what time a game starts or would you want to go drive to a game and hope its near that time. Nothing to do with lazy. Has everything to do with value and balance of one's time.
4. Judging by the amount of posts you make on this board and that one should go spend all day guessing who is playing, you clearly have a lot of time on your hands. Most people don't
5. The real sad state of basketball is that you probably slipped you were a coach above and that you work with people's kids. Thats beyond scary!

All of the above IS THE TRUTH

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