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Posted by It's going to be tough on August 10, 2017 at 10:30:57:

In Reply to: Re: Cal Sparks Gold posted by Trakh vs Wynn 2 on August 10, 2017 at 08:09:39:

: : : : : : : : Hearing through the grapevine that Charisma Osborne is leaving Cal Sparks and taking her talents to the Bay Area for next year. Any confirmation of this? I know end of the season Cal Sparks Gold 2019 had 5 NorCal kids, including 4 from Sac High on the team. Whats Elbert doing?

: : : : : : : This is what happens when you can't judge talent! He missed on so many kids and did not build from within it is only a matter of time before he gives his Nike's back.

: : : : :
: : : : : : Going to Cal Stars makes sense for her. Talent is so fractured with four EYBL local teams that we can't compete nationally anymore. No doubt she wants to go back to Nationals and have a shot to win it. Remember when Valerie Higgins left Tuarasi and went to Cal Stars and paired with Sabrina Ionescu to win Nike championship?

: : : : : : Of course, if Osborne never played another club game she would have her pick of colleges!

: : : : : Although she will have her pick, there's talk that locally, she's now very high on USC and UCLA has dropped back into the pack. If USC lands another couple of high profilers like DeCosta, things could get very interesting. DeCosta played club ball with the Moores and Higgins so Osborne might fit right in. A lot of people laughed when the Trojans re-hired Mark Trakh but it might have been a great hire.

: : : :
: : : : Agree on UCLA part, not on USC part.

: : : : Trakh is a good guy and a decent coach, but USC whiffed by going retread over rising young coach. Should have given job to Trakh's protege, Jody Wynn.

: : : : Wouldn't be surprised to see Osborne leave California, or at least So Cal.

: : : A recent article in the Seattle Times noted that Wynn has had incredible problems recruiting, not just in the PacNW, but nationwide. The Pac12 coaches are telling recruits that her defense first style won't fly in the league and players are not coming.

: : : Trakh lost Littleton (no huge loss unless she loses a lot of weight and learns to play defense) but also retained Moore and got her sister to come as well. DeCosta dropped Cal and replaced them with USC and that only happened after Trakh became coach.

: : : With what Trakh has and what Wynn has at their respective schools, the smart money has to be on USC. Wynn also lost Aari McDonald so put that with Plum, Osahor, Collier and Corral, she has only Romeo and Johnson with playing experience and both of them are hardly franchise players. Wynn started slowly at LBSU but will they allow her that luxury in Seattle?

: : Trakh offered my daughter when he was at New Mexico. He IS a good guy. Trakh builds a compelling case when recruiting. He's one of the few coaches out there that seems to have a plan/agenda....and is very purposeful. I think players appreciate that - versus, coaches who just subscribe to various ranking authorities and "roll the dice" with "the top ten" or sheer athleticism, with no plan or agenda. Players (at least my daughter) wanted to BELONG to a "system". A spot (for her) that gelled with her playing style and abilities. He also preaches an (exciting) "run and gun" style offense and is not OVERLY focused on the defensive aspect, as the other poster correctly noted. He'll do good at USC. I also observed DeCosta's recruiting change when she, seemingly overnight, went from Cal and others to USC AFTER Trakh got there. I know A LOT of girls (even local ones) that wouldn't even think about USC before, but would now give them serious consideration.

: : Please no "they should be happy to get an education where-ever" replies. The girls I'm talking about have their pick of schools - so yes, they can choose to be "selective", especially a girl like Charisma with a, I believe, 4.0 GPA. She can write her own ticket. Great kid - and family.
: :

: I agree Trakh can coach and may do well at USC. He is a good recruiter.

: But I still think Wynn would have been a better choice. A 60-something guy vs. a 40-something Mom with teenagers? That shouldn't matter, but it does.

: I read that article too, but it will be fine. She has been everywhere during the live periods.

: And just because she was defense first at Long Beach St. - where it is hard to get offensive studs - doesn't mean she will do that at Washington. The Pac 12 is all about offense (except at ASU) and she knows it.

: This year could not possibly be as successful as the last couple when you lose the NCAA all time leading scorer and the schools all time rebounder.

: Remember, their offense last year was Plum going around screens and shooting/creating.

: My niece has talked to them both, and likes them both. But if given the opportunity, she would choose Washington because of Wynn. Said she felt she could relate to her more. And let's not forget she learned from Trakh, and they share many of the same philosophies.

: The bigger issue for Trakh is if he can out-recruit Close at UCLA. Because she is an average coach but is loaded with players. If he can get some top players and keep them away from UCLA, he can swing the balance of power in Los Angeles back to USC.

UW under Neighbors and Plum never won the Pac12 championship nor won the tournament although they did get to the FF, which is a gigantic accomplishment. Looking at what is out there and what UW currently has, the Huskies might be lucky to finish 9th next year. Stanford, Oregon, OSU, ASU, Cal, UCLA, USC, and the rapidly improving Arizona should all finish ahead of them, based on returning players and recruiting classes. Colorado has recruited well, as has Utah but it might be a battle in the cellar between those three and maybe WSU.

Wynn was successful at the mid-major level. It's way harder to be successful at the next level. Good luck because she and her husband will need it.

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