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Posted by It could happen, but it's rare on August 09, 2017 at 18:27:02:

In Reply to: Re: Elite Camps posted by Thank you on August 05, 2017 at 11:11:59:

: : : : So now that viewing season is over we are gettin emails for some "Elite" camps. Does this really mean anything or do these camps send these emails to everyone? Thanks.

: : : They send invites to everyone, but you should definitely go to the ones of the schools you are interested in.

: :
: : They go out to a lot of people. Many times if coaches see a player they like, they will send invites to their entire team.

: : I agree if you are interested in a school, you should go, especially if you are frosh/soph/junior.

: : If you are going into your senior year, you really have to be selective since there are multiples on the same days/weekends.

: : Before I went, I would try to have your club or high school coach contact that school and gauge their interest. Because odds are, if your daughter has never talked/text/personal email (not the generic everyone gets) with a coach from that school, they don't know who she is and you are basically writing a check for their program.

: : The odds of going to a camp as an unknown senior player and wowing them so much as to eventually generate an offer is very, very slim.

: : Not trying to be harsh, just keeping it real.

: : Here is another issue. Let's say your 2018 has any kind of real (again personal contact) interest from multiple schools. What do you do if their camps are on the same day? Or the same weekend but so far apart it isn't practical? Again you need to somehow contact that school and gauge their interest. Remember, they will always want you to come to camp ($$$ for them, if you like it you tell your younger teammates/friends, etc.). So you really need to see through the BS and figure out where you are on their list - Tier 1 (offers), Tier 2 (back up plan), Tier 3 (emergency plan), Tier 4 (check for them).

: : Like much of college recruiting, it's a big racket. Realize that most letters/emails are generic from data they got from a viewing packet. It doesn't necessarily mean they have no interest, but it also doesn't mean they do.

: : Hopefully you have a club/HS coach that is familiar with the process and has some contacts that can guide you.

: : Good luck!

: Thank you both for your input.

:: I've seen girls attend a local camp, GET NOTICED - from their participation and get a bona-fide offer, by the end of camp. I'm talking D1 schools. It certainly isn't the norm - but it does happen more often than you'd think.

I've got some advice for you. Make sure that YOU take charge of your daughter's recruiting process. Don't leave it up to her coaches, etc. Yes - they are often times ready, willing and capable of helping - and that's great. But make sure that at the end of the day you and your daughter do what's best for you. Other folks can and will compromise - but you won't. I also was given some excellent advice by a local club coach who told me to LEARN THE DIFFERENCE - between folks who are interested and not. There's so such thing as INTEREST - with no OFFER. If you're interested so much - then make a (scholarship) OFFER. Anything else - is BS. There's no other way to put it. Don't you get caught up with this "I'm interested...but haven't made an offer" stuff. Remember, "interest" = OFFER. I've been through this - and believe me, you have to "mind your daughter's business".

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