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Posted by Agree, but... on August 04, 2017 at 14:45:25:

In Reply to: Re: State of Pali posted by Personally I'd rather my girl LOSE in the state open on August 04, 2017 at 13:20:15:

: : : : : : : Well, the worst kept secret was finally announced today - Torino resigned at Pali to take an assistant job at Cal State LA. Congrats to him.

: : : : : : : Kayla Williams supposedly on her way to Bishop Montgomery. And the other guard left too.

: : : : : : : So - who will be new coach?

: : : : : : Pali Charter is a great school, certainly the best LAUSD school in the general area. Basketball is one thing but academics is another.

: : : : : : : Will Nwaba follow the others out the door?

: : : : : : : The dynasty is over - for now. No doubt they will be back contending in a couple of years. Who doesn't want to go to school by the beach?

: : : : : Worst kept secret is right. It's going to take Pali a few years to regroup. They lost too much talent the last couple of years to compete this season. Too good of a location for them to be down for too long. New coach is going to take his/her lumps for a couple of years.

: : : : : Dynasty??? Dynasty of getting knocked off in the 1st round of State year after year, lol

: : : : But then again, that is the case for all City teams, lol

: : : :: You're ALL getting knocked off in state

: : Getting knocked off in State is not the end of the world. Two years ago, they played Chaminade (who won State Open) in the first round.

: : The issue is, City sends teams to too high a division.

: : They send Open playoff winner to Open State, but the reality is they should be Div 1. Last year Fairfax was not an Open State team.

: : And it filters down.

: : If Fairfax and Pali go to Div 1 last year, then Granada and Elco go to Div 2. And I guarantee you one or more of those teams wins a game or two.

: : But City keeps thinking they have to compete with SS. They would rather have teams in higher divisions rather than win games in divisions they should actually be in.

: :: Personally I'd rather my girl LOSE in the state OPEN, than win in Div 1 or II. It's not about "getting a trophy". It's about competing (and even losing) to the BEST of the best. Several times my daughter got more notice from college coaches in games that she LOST

Looking again, I see I didn't fully explain.

There are three sides to this.

1. The player/team - every player/team either wants to compete against the best possible, or play in the proper division where if they play to their peak, they can win. You can argue one of these views is better than the other, but most people don't want to play in a State game they know they are going to lose just to say they were in Open.

2. City Section - they look at it from an ego point of view. "Oh look, we have a team in the State Open! Sure they lose, but they are there!"

3. CIF State - They are supposed to want the best games. While I understand each section has to get X number of total teams in the State playoffs, once you do that, it should be by ability. Especially in Open State. The best 8 teams in Southern California should be in Open. Period. Don't care if there are 5 SS teams or 8. The best go. The other divisions can flow down from that. That will provide the best competition.

The last three years, the City Champion (Narbonne in D1, Palisades in Open, Fairfax in Open) have gone on to the State Open.

Three years ago, Narbonne was destroyed by Chaminade. Smith scored like 90% of their points. They didn't have another player who would get playing time on the Chaminade team. Should have played in D1 State.

Two years ago, Palisades lost to Chaminade. The final didn't look great, but they were in it until late in the third. They belonged in Open.

Last year, Fairfax got run by LBP. They should have been in D1.

My point is, if the City Champion is one of the 8 best So Cal teams, then they go to Open State, if not they should go to D1.

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