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Posted by Don't be sorry on August 03, 2017 at 15:37:26:

In Reply to: Re: not my point posted by well then on August 03, 2017 at 13:18:25:

: maybe if you have a competitive daughter who
: wants to be on the court or the parent who
: wants their daughter to be on the court,then
: you should have send her to a high school where
: she would most likely get the chance?
: Nothing is a given in sports once you get to
: the high school level

: The players that sit on the bench on say a team
: like Mater Dei want to be on the team even though they might get floor minutes at their local public high school, if not I'm sure they they would tell the parents that they would rather not be on the team?

: ..there are also other reasons why the player
: wants to stay at a school even if they don't
: get into a game much and are decent players.

: Many things to consider other than basketball, fyi

You're absolutely correct. There are things to consider other than just basketball. I know from the coaching perspective that you're going to have 10% of kids who want to be there and play at the next level. 20% of kids want to be there and have a good high school career meaning that they will at least be competitive. Then the other 70% of kids are simply just their for the ride OR filling a school requirement. These are the teammates that everyone loves to have on the team but hate to play with in practice.

On another note, parents all wear rose colored glasses. Every. single. one. They look at their precious little child who comes home from 3 hours of practice and then has 4 hours of homework just like everyone else and wonders why they aren't getting a lick of playing time. It's worse now than it ever has been considering the fact that yes everyone in high school gets a participation award. (they all get a piece of paper with their name on it and the sport they played in) This cause animosity because little Suzy is being told that she's better than Emily by her parents and then Suzy tells Joann that she should be playing more than Emily and Joann goes and tells Ashley and it causes spontaneous combustion within the team and it's not like Coach Roger can do anything because then Suzy, Emily, Joann and Ashley's parents would be even more pissed off and god forbid you piss off a parent now-a-days! Now all of a sudden Suzy, who wasn't playing, is now taking Emily's playing time because Suzy's parents made a complaint that everyone should be equal and not have to put in an ounce of extra work outside of practice because that would be preposterous!!!!

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