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Posted by What tripe! on July 22, 2017 at 12:11:53:

In Reply to: Re: Sue Bird Announcing She is a Lesbian Is posted by Shocked at these responses on July 22, 2017 at 12:02:11:

: :
: : : Young girls care greatly. Something parents seem very unwilling to accept is that peer pressure often overrides whatever is taught. Young girls who are not lesbians do not want to be associated with a sport that is considered a gay sport.

: : So no more girls are going to be playing basketball, soccer, or softball?

: : There are lesbian volleyball players, but face it, outside a couple players of Olympic beach players, there are no famous volleyball players!

: I bet there isn't one woman among any of the people who have posted responses to the OP.

: Why is being lesbian a "problem" for all those who responded?

: Is it a disease? A "problem" for the sport?

: Jeezus, it's the freaking 21st century.

: Who cares who sleeps with whom?

If you are even peripherally involved in girls basketball, you're aware that there is a serious problem with interest, especially among young girls. Trying to be honest and having a discussion about why is impossible, as these threads have proven. First, people claim that the sport doesn't have lesbians. Look below. Then, Bird comes out and everyone gets all defensive and still deny the presence. Is it a problem for the 21st Century? Considering that this current administration wants to undo all the civil rights that gays and lesbians have achieved, I'd say, yes it is a problem.

Of course, some female has to chime in that none of the responses are from women. Study after study have shown that women have no interest in women's sports, so that conjecture is probably correct in that they don't care about womens basketball.

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