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Posted by Not Hate on July 21, 2017 at 13:59:36:

In Reply to: Re: Sue Bird Announcing She is a Lesbian Is posted by POS on July 21, 2017 at 13:35:50:

: : : : : : : : She's dating soccer player Megan Rapinoe. Isn't it more newsworthy for a WNBA player to announce she's heterosexual?
: : : : : : : What's your point?

: : : : : : As I've been of the biggest problems girls basketball faces is the WNBA....

: : : : :
: : : : : Has nothing to do with basketball. Zero. Nada.

: : : : : Do we really care who she sleeps with?

: : : : : I think not.

: : : : We're always talking about image problems with girls basketball. Lesbianism is a big issue. You can ignore it all you want but it's the giant elephant in the room and until we can at least talk about the impact it has on the sport, girls basketball will continue to lose participants.

: : : : When the top players in the sport come out as lesbians, it also codes the sport and younger girls who are not gay might be more hesitant to be in that sport because of it.

: : :
: : : Most of the girls don't really care, but sadly many parents do care and don't want their kids "around that lifestyle".

: : Young girls care greatly. Something parents seem very unwilling to accept is that peer pressure often overrides whatever is taught. Young girls who are not lesbians do not want to be associated with a sport that is considered a gay sport. That is why Sue Bird coming out is important but also ironic to the sport. It may help other young lesbians gather the courage to be themselves but it could also dissuade girls from taking up basketball because of the image it projects.

: Wow, you are full of hate. What do you want us to do? Ask kids if they are lesbians and if they are ban them from playing basketball so your kid doesn't have to be around them? Lesbians are ruining the game. Well most of the top players your daughter and others look up to are lesbians. You make it sound like lesbians are going up to straight girls and saying that they should be lesbians too or else. Peer pressure!! Really? Is that what you think goes on. Be a lesbian or else you will suck at basketball. You and everyone else needs to grow up and realize that lesbians are in every female sport. But it is hateful people like you that are killing female sports.

:::It's not about hate. It's a FACT. Lesbians are in every sport and the pressure does happen in high school, college as well as the WNBA. My niece experienced the same pressure with a few team members playing for her HS team which is a Valley school. Every player should keep their personal preferences to themselves and just play the game. There are girls that look up to these well known players and want to follow their steps. No one needs to know what they like or dislike. That's the problem these days...people young or old glorify their personal preferences and kids see, hear and want to follow the "new".
Bottom line...Her announcement could have been kept to herself, partner and family. Not in the news. Who Cares!!

btw check out this article on WNBA Wiggins:

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